Heatsavr vs Ecosavr: What's the big difference?
by Monique Nelson on September 22nd, 2009

For all you liquid pool cover newbies out there, I thought I should take a quick few sentences to let you know what the heck I mean when I talk about Ecosavr versus Heatsavr.

As you have learned from my previous posts, Heatsavr is the liquid pool cover itself. Heatsavr is the chemical product you add to your pool's water.

Ecosavr is also known as the original liquid solar pool cover, "so what gives", you ask? Well, Ecosavr is a little red and yellow plastic fish (absolutely adorable!) that is filled with the blue liquid that is Heatsavr. In the top (dorsal) fin, there is a tiny little patented valve which allows the liquid inside to slowly seep into your pool water.
Ecosavr is best for residential pools and one "fish" will last for approximately 1 month. It will take you about...oh...20 seconds to get it ready and plop it in your pool, and your water will warm up a whole lot quicker. Doesn't that sound nice?

Heatsavr, on the other hand is available in 1 gallon or 1 liter containers and the liquid can be applied manually or, preferably, with an automatic metering system (aka HS115 pump). This option works great for commercial facilities but it is also available and highly recommended for residential pools.

Till we meet again!


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