Because Results Don't Lie
by Monique Nelson on October 29th, 2009

Today, I would like to share a story with you. Because results don't lie. And results straight from people using the product, folks just like you, are even more fun to read. Because they're real.

So, I would like to share the story of J.W., a property Manager in Southern California. He cares for a 1200 square foot Infinity Edge pool that is heated to 80 degrees year round. Year round. Did you get that? Sure, in the summer of Southern California that may not take much, but in the winter? It still get's cold there! In fact, he reports using 3,685 therms at $1.49 a therm from January through March, 2008. Doing the math, here, that works out to a whopping $5,490.65 US Dollars spent on heating a pool for 3 months.

Want the good news? J.W. tried Heatsavr this year, and for the exact same 3 month period he used on 2,929 therms. That is 756 therms less than the previous year and, had the gas rate stayed the same it would translate into a savings of $1,126.44. Nice, hey? As it turns out, he was lucky enough to benefit from a lower gas rate as well, but regardless a savings of 20.5% in gas usage is nothing to sneeze at.

Now, being that he has an infinity edge pool, he also imparted some fantastic words of wisdom for making his scenic water feature as environmentally accountable as possible. In addition to using Heatsavr to save heat, water and energy, J.W. has programmed his spillover edge to operate automatically only twice a day for around an hour, in addition to any manual activation that may be required. Many people and facilities with infinity edge pools operate their spillover edge at all times. This is an extreme drain on your resources! If no-one is around to enjoy the sight, than your pump is running unnecessarily wasting energy all the while. Not to mention the increase evaporation that occurs with any water feature like that. Increased evaporation means more water used and more heat lost, thereby requiring more energy to keep the water up to temp. If you have an infinity edge pool, I urge you to follow J.W.'s example and put limits on your spill over edge.

J.W.'s final words to us were as follows: “The whole reason I did the exercise was to determine if the purchase of more product was economically justifiable. It evidently is, both in money saved and from a “green” point of view.”

You are welcome to read the story in his very own words, it is available here: Southern California Infinity Edge Testimonial.

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