The 1st Step Towards Your Center's Financial Hopes and Dreams
by Monique Nelson on September 7th, 2010

If you are interested in reducing waste at your Aquatic Center, read on. I am talking about using less energy and water, and translating that reduction into wasting less money! Spending money on heating your pool is like buying toilet paper for your household: you have no choice but to buy it, but wouldn't it be oh so nice if it was at least cheaper!?

I want to offer you a free “Guide to Lowering Costs At Your Commercial Aquatics Center.” You can download it by following this link:

I am going to be using this guide as a reference point throughout various upcoming blogs. I will be repeating some of the basic points, in case you haven't yet read to that point in the guide, but I will also be adding some valuable information on top of what you will already have at your disposal.

Today, I just want to get you started really quickly and easily. On page 4 of the Guide I talk about how expensive is is to heat swimming pools which you, of course, already know. Why else would you be reading this!? But did you know that according to the US Department of Energy (DOE), about 70% of that heat loss is due solely and completely to an annoying tendency for the water to evaporate into thin air!? Truly, the DOE holds evaporation responsible for up to 70% of a water's heat loss.

If you follow that train of thought, your heat is evaporating, which means that you are spending incredible amounts of cash re-heating the water! Not to mention re-filling the pool as your water escapes for the clouds.

If you could slow down evaporation, you could be saving
heat >> energy / water >>MONEY!
If I could offer you one tiny little suggestion, it would be to use a pool cover. They lower evaporation and save you money. Your stress levels will go down, your hair will stop turning gray and life will become so much sweeter.

Flexible Solutions has over 20 years of experience keeping heart rates steady by offering a cost effective and very easy to use liquid pool cover. If you would like to see how your aquatics center could use this option, you can print off a quick and easy form, Energy Efficiency Program, and fax it to me at (250) 477-9912. I will get in touch with you very quickly to let you know your unique potential for success. The form will only take you about 2 minutes to complete, and it could lead to the changes you have been praying for.

Thanks again for taking the bull by the horns; I am excited to hear about your success, because I know it is forthcoming!

Take care,

Monique Nelson

PS: I forgot to mention just how much heat you could potentially retain from slowing that evaporation down. Just some food for thought, but on the 44th page of that guide you downloaded,

There is reference to a study done by the Professional Pool Operators of America. On a pool that typically lost 12 degrees in temperature in a single night, they were able to cut their heat loss in half by using Heatsavr, liquid pool cover. You are welcome to the whole study, which you can find by clicking here: Professional Pool Operators of America.

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