Two Steps Forward and You Won't Ever Go Back!
by Monique Nelson on September 22nd, 2010

I hope you have enjoyed reading the “Guide to Lowering Costs At Your Commercial Aquatics Center”. If you haven't got your copy yet, jump over to

Commercial Facilities Guide

and have a quick read now.

I don't want to keep you waiting for the money saving information I have lined up for you, but I need you to remember one point from my last email, so I am going to re-state it now:

The US Department of Energy has found that up to 70% of a pool's heat loss is an immediate result of heat loss. Therefore, all that money you are pouring into heating your pool is promptly flying away in the breeze.

I have already told you about the extreme benefits to lowering evaporation in your pool to save heat. Up to 50% of heat, to be exact. But what I am sure you really want to know is how that heat savings translates into energy savings.

Consider this: if your pool is losing heat, the temperature is decreasing, right? Your heaters are set to keep the pool at a certain temperature, so every time you lose a degree to evaporation, your heat kicks on to restore that heat. If you lose half as many degrees, it stands to reason that your pool heater will be running a heck of a lot less that it is used to.

If your heater is running less, you are writing less zeros on the check you send to your energy provider every month. Plain and simple.

In that guide you downloaded, there is quote from one of our customers, talking about how they saved 34% on their fuel costs in their first year of using Heatsavr, liquid pool cover!

I have other stories about facilities saving 20 – 35 Therms of energy per day, or reducing their energy bill by 40%, or lowering the energy usage on an Infinity Edge pool so much that there was a 20.5% drop in volume of gas used in a 3 month period!

These may seem like great big huge savings,(and they are!), but the reasons behind the savings are sound. It is not rocket science, nor is it snake oil. It is a very simple equation:

Lower evaporation = less heat loss = reduced energy usage = money in your pocket!

If you are heating your swimming pool there is absolutely no reason using Heatsavr, liquid pool cover, cannot result in extreme savings for you too. This is your second chance to move forward, and I know you will not be turning back.

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Best of luck to you,

PS: The other stories I mentioned are available in full if you want to hear about how they really played out. You can read them by visiting: Save Energy In Your Swimming Pool

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