How to Get a Steak Dinner for the Price of a Burger & Fries
by Monique Nelson on February 22nd, 2011

While I will be the first to admit that sometimes a good ol' burger and fries will hit the right spot, getting a Steak dinner for the same price is a deal not many of us would ignore. can you get a Steak dinner for the same cost as a burger? Well, you could order a 4 oz Skirt Steak. Who wants to downgrade their quality, though?

You could go to the restaurant on the "other" side of town; the one with really dark windows with an express traffic lane directly to the cop shop. A good idea, if you are feeling adventurous and you don't have any family or friends who would miss you in a worst case scenario.

You could stop by the grocery store and pick out a nice looking piece of meat to cook yourself. A bit more work than you were hoping for, but it would get the job done.

Or you could ask your friends and family for their favorite family restaurants that serve steak. Get some reviews, some feedback, some advice from others who have found exactly what it is you are looking for. I can almost guarantee that you will be able to find a steak dinner, cooked to perfection, coming from a restaurant whose specialty is great service and quality meals. A steak there will probably be priced about the same as a burger and fries from a loud, over-marketed, trendy joint, whose specialty is creating a reputation for being "cool," as opposed to being good.

You can use this same example and apply it to the products you look for to do the best job in your aquatics facility. Heatsavr, the liquid pool cover, may not be as sleek and fancy as a top of the line automatic cover, but it is affordable, and it gets similar results. It also has a long and earned reputation for quality, service and effectiveness.

Using a liquid pool cover is like getting a steak dinner for the price of a burger. The quality you want, the safety you need, the ease of use you dream a fraction of the cost you could pay for an automatic or plastic pool cover.

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