Waterparks, Playgrounds & the Ultimate Silver Lining
by Monique Nelson on April 12th, 2011

I read a lot, so I have developed a habit of "skimming," especially when I am deciding which News articles, emails or blog posts are going to be worth reading. That is why this morning I found a fantastically interesting news story about turning playgrounds into waterparks. Or at least that is what I was expecting to read about...

I found a headline. What I read was "Turn Playgrounds into Swimming Pools." My attention was effectively grabbed. However, what the headline actually said was "Floods Cover Roads, Turn Playgrounds into Swimming Pools."

I read the story and watched a video even though the article was about a flooded playground, not the successful transformation of a playground into a swimming pool. I think this story can actually teach us a lot though.

First of all, the flooded playground turned out to be very popular! Kids we using the slides and picnic tables, enjoying the area as much as they would if they were at an actual waterpark. I think this creates a great springboard for ideas about playground / waterpark combinations, and how they can work together very effectively.

There were also adults using canoes in the flooded areas! Obviously, having to paddle across the street is not ideal everyday, BUT it proves that there is a whole market for adult recreation that may currently be untapped. You don't need a lake to enjoy canoeing or kyacking - the flooding here was only a few feet of water.

Finally, if nothing else, from this story we really need to realize that every situation will come with a silver lining - you just have to find it. If your facility is undergoing difficulties, challenges or changes of any kind, start thinking about ways you can put a positive spin on the situation.

Are your Tuesday evenings DULL and lonely at your swimming center? Try offering Kyacking lessons to various age groups. Rather than being held back by a slow swimming night, you might open up your facility to an entirely new market.

Do you have trouble engaging the older teens and keeping their patronage to your pool regular? Take a moment to remember what it was like to be a young adult, and imagine what they want out of life right now. Money? Beauty? To be cool? Create a new and "hip" (is "hip" still "cool"?) lifeguard program. Market it in a way that will attract the older teens. Make it exclusive somehow. Highlight how physically challenging swimming is and what a fab physique they will gain. Show some stats about the impressive wages lifeguards get. Have a once a month, invite only, pool party with music, crazy lighting and prizes.

Is your community less than impressed with the cost of keeping a community aquatic center open for business, and the drain on the resources swimming pools represent? Have a community meeting to outline all the measures you would like to take to "green" up your pool, and make your facility more sustainable, both financially and environmentally. Talk about innovative products like solar heating systems, variable speed pumps and Heatsavr liquid pool cover systems. Tell them all the projects require money at first, but save significantly over time. Community fundraisers are exciting social events and they have the potential to bring in a LOT of money for your center.

There is always a silver lining. You just have to find it.

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