Seasons Change, But Your Aquatic Business Doesn't Have To
by Danielle Hardgrave on August 30th, 2016

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​The days are getting shorter, the mercury is slowly slinking down on the thermometer, and the leaves are crisping up like overcooked egg rolls. Outdoor pool season is coming to a close. It's a sad reality that we have to face each year, but one that isn't without its share of opportunities—for both indoor and outdoor pool operators.

Outdoor pools get the chance each year to go out with a bang. It could be something as simple as hosting a pre-closing pool party or a special early morning polar bear swim. Or you can do what this New Concord pool did and open up the pool to dogs for one special weekend. This isn't just about getting a last push for traffic, however. These kinds of events will keep your pool anchored in the minds of all your swimmers, and even those who didn't come out this summer, long into the dark days of winter.
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​But indoor pools can capitalize on the season change as well. Why not welcome all those who swam at outdoor pools over the summer into your temperature-controlled environment with a fall special? Maybe you could host a pool party of your own. I'm sure that there would be a few kids and parents grateful for a back to school pick me up to help ease back into the school spirit.

There's no reason that the fun and playful tone of summer has to disappear entirely just because our part of the Earth is tilting a little bit further from the sun. Just like there's no reason you have to deal with heat loss in your pool just because that's how evaporation works.

By using Heatsavr on either your indoor or outdoor pool, you can expect to save up to 50% of your pool's heat loss and water loss. Less water lost means less humidity in the air and less time spent filling up the pool. Less heat lost means less money and energy spent heating your pool.

Just because the season changes doesn't mean the party's over. And just because evaporation's got you down, doesn't mean Heatsavr can't make your savings add up.  

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