Before and After ~ Liquid Pool Cover Users

Brentwood Bay Case Study

​The outdoor pool in Brentwood Bay was experiencing a heat loss problem, which included having billowing clouds of steam rising from their pool and disrupting the beautiful view.

Only 15 minutes after adding Heatsavr™, the liquid solar pool cover, the water evaporation had calmed and the heat loss was under control!

Before Heatsavr

After Heatsavr

Prism Therapy Centre

Before using Heatsavr™, the Prism Therapy Centre's indoor pool environment was much more humid than they wanted. Their windows would "weep" and condensation would form on every surface.

After using starting to use a liquid pool cover, the humidity cleared right up, making the pool environment more comfortable for everyone!

Before Heatsavr

After Heatsavr

Marriott Grand Residence Club/TimberLodge

"Heat Savr is working…Attached are two pictures I took this morning after the pool cover came off" and Heatsavr was added to the water.

Before Heatsavr

After Heatsavr

Heatsavr in Action

​To Whom It May Concern,

One of our pool accounts is a high end apartment complex with a roof top pool. The pool is on the 10th floor in downtown Washington DC a few blocks away from the United State Capitol Building.  The outdoor pool is open year-round and heated to 91 degrees.

The property manager was complaining about the water and gas bills to keep it up and running for the residents. We were adding over 3000 gallons a week due to the evaporation and the heater runs 24/7. We decided to install a Heatsavr system to help cut down on the costs.

We installed the unit  February 23 2011, with a outside temperature of 26 degrees, the pool 91 degrees. As you can see in the picture, there was quite a bit of steam rising from the water.

To the amazement of the property manager and I only 10 minutes after the Heatsavr system was installed, the pool area was a changed place. There was about 10 minutes time between the photos. Seeing is believing, I will be installing a lot more of these systems.

Myles McMorrow
Service Manager