Back to School and Back to the Pool!
September 13th, 2016
The end of summer is always bittersweet. As daylight hours are whittled down, the greens of spring fade to oranges and reds, and the lazy heat that made the seconds tick a little slower on the clock h...  Read More
Seasons Change, But Your Aquatic Business Doesn't Have To
August 30th, 2016
​The days are getting shorter, the mercury is slowly slinking down on the thermometer, and the leaves are crisping up like overcooked egg rolls. Outdoor pool season is coming to a close. It's a sad re...  Read More
Save Money At Your Facility Like It Was an Olympic Sport
August 16th, 2016
​You've probably heard, by now, about the problems the Olympic organizers in Rio have had keeping their pools from turning green. While the mystery has now been solved (a hydrogen peroxide dump that n...  Read More
6 Degrees of Separation - between you and the end of the pool season
August 9th, 2016
​And like that, it was August. Time has a way of sneaking up on you. One moment you're happily browsing through your local rec center's spring/summer programming guide, thinking about the long and wa...  Read More
Embrace the Lazy Days of Summer
July 27th, 2016
​I like being lazy in the summer. Naps on top of my sheets with the whirring of a fan to lull me to sleep. Listening to the hiss of the waves beating against the shore while I sip on an iced coffee an...  Read More
Capitalizing on Trends, Games and the Poke-craze
July 20th, 2016
​Are you part of the Poke-craze that's sweeping the nation? Even if you aren't, I'm sure you've heard enough from your friends and family about the game to have a feel for the basics. If not, here's a...  Read More
The Sound of Running Water and Saving/Spending Money
July 12th, 2016
​It's a well known fact that memories often have a close association with our sense of smell. A pumpkin pie brings images of turkey and football. Wood smoke drifting in on the breeze could be a campfi...  Read More
What is the ONE thing that should use a blanket in the middle of summer?
July 5th, 2016
​I don't know about you, but our summer has not started off with a bang here. Though it's sunny most days for at least an hour or two, there's been just enough rain and wind to make it impossible to d...  Read More
Seeing with your own two eyes - Before and After Heatsavr
June 28th, 2016
​"I'll believe it when I see it."   "To see is to believe."   There are dozens of quotes out there like the ones above, all with a common theme—visual proof is a vital component of any claim. I'm sure...  Read More
The 20-Foot Pole Pool Dilemma
June 21st, 2016
​Summer is officially here. This is the season I spend all year waiting for. The days are long, the nights are warm, and my dad's pool is open for business. This year I'm helping him find a new telesc...  Read More
Will a liquid pool cover help in an unheated pool?
June 9th, 2016
One of the most frequent questions we get here at the Liquid Pool Covers Head Office is in regards to unheated pools and whether or not using a liquid pool cover will be worth while. After all, a non-...  Read More
Annual Maintenance for the HS115 Automatic Metering System
June 8th, 2016
Using a liquid pool cover like Heatsavr is pretty much one of the easiest ways to cover your swimming pool.Manual dosing requires pool owner or operator to do some very simple calculations to figure o...  Read More