Commercial Swimming Pools

Would you like to reduce your operating costs?

Aquatics facilities, more often than not, are required to keep their pools heated to a temperature that the majority of their clients will find comfortable. Keeping pool water heated can be an incredibly expensive feat, and it one of the highest costs involved in operating a commercial swimming pool.

If you would like to make use of a quick, easy, safe and proven way to reduce your operating costs by up to 35%, all you have to do is start using a liquid pool cover.

Liquid Solar Covers

Reduce Energy Consumption

It has been proven that approximately 70% of a pool's heat loss is due to evaporation, whether that swimming pool happens to be located indoors or out. As a result, your pool heater will kick on to make sure that the water temperature remains constant.

If your facility can find a way to keep the heat in your pool water, it stands to reason that your pool heater will not have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature. 

Heatsavr™ reduces the rate of evaporation by approximately 50%, which keeps more of the heat in the pool water, and reduces the run time required by your heater. 

Using a liquid pool cover has been proven to save up to 35% of the energy consumed by swimming pool heaters.

Conserve Water

Water consumption is another resource that is becoming more and more expensive, especially in areas prone to drought conditions, like Texas and California, to name a few. Filling a large body of water is one thing, but keeping it full can become a full time job!

Constantly having to refill your swimming pool also means constantly having to heat up fresh water, as opposed to merely maintaining a set water temperature. This heating process is a further drain on your energy consumption. 

By keeping the water in your pool - that is, not allowing it to evaporate as fast - you will be able to conserve water and reduce your operating costs even further. 

3rd party tests have shown that Heatsavr™ can conserve up to 50% of water that is normally lost to evaporation!

How to Use Heatsavr™

Application and Dosage

One great benefit to using a liquid pool cover is how easy it is to apply.

Commercial swimming pools require 1 ounce of liquid pool cover per 400 square feet of surface area on a daily basis. 

This dosage can be manually poured directly into the pool water, or you can install an automatic metering system to effectively dose your pool each day.

Where to Purchase

The first step would be to get in touch with your current pool supply provider to see if they have Heatsavr™ in stock. It is important to ask for Heatsavr™ by name, as it is the ONLY liquid pool cover that offers you proof of safety and efficiency testing.

If your current provider is unable to help, feel welcome to contact Flexible Solutions directly, and we can help put you in touch with a local supplier to fill your product needs.

When It Comes to Pools,
Saving Energy Saves Money

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