Racquet Club Villas - Liquid Pool Covers

For years our homeowners complained of the difficulty of removing and covering our 20 X 40 solid pool cover when they wanted to swim in the winter months. Last year, when we again were faced with buying a new cover because the old had split in several places during one year’s use, we decided to look for other ways to keep the heat up without the hassle.

Thankfully, we discovered the Heat Savr Liquid Solar Pool Cover.

After researching other cover and reel options, we discovered Heat Savr. Your web site, written materials found at our local Leslie’s Pool Store and phone calls with your very helpful staff convinced us to get the four liter kit and try the product out. A six week trial proved to us that Heat Savr was the way we wanted to go! We ordered and installed the automatic metering system and bought the four gallon case. The product left over from last year has started us out for our second season.

Though we had heater problems last winter and record cold weather (for Florida) we found that Heat Savr lived up to its publicity. When all was working correctly and the North wind eased a bit so we wanted to swim, we enjoyed our pool with no strain or pain caused by a solid cover which we all disliked so much.

Thank you for your product, your continual support and your patience when answering our many questions. Also please extend our “thanks” to Laura Fujino and Monique for us. We appreciate you all as we look forward to another swimmable year!

Marilyn “Pat” Burrows
Board Member At Large
Racquet Club Villas