Save Heat in ALL Swimming Pools

All pools lose heat through evaporation - regardless of location. In fact, according to the US Department of energy, evaporation is responsible for approximately 70% of heat loss.

You can reduce the amount of heat a pool loses simply by covering it. You may choose to apply a traditional plastic pool blanket every evening, and remove it every morning, or you might decide to have a high-priced automatic safety cover installed. Both of those are great options, and will protect the heat in your pool.

However, if you want to benefit from the heat retention properties of a solar cover, without the hassle or high costs, you may want to consider trying Ecosavr™ or Heatsavr™, the original liquid solar pool covers.

Liquid pool covers manufactured by Flexible Solutions has been proven to retain approximately 50% of overnight heat loss, and are easy to use. With no heavy, awkward blankets to apply or reels to avoid, a liquid solar cover can be applied automatically on a daily basis to keep your pool covered.

Below are some experiences from professional operators and real pool owners, testifying to the heat retention properties of Heatsavr™ and Ecosavr.

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Commercial Aquatics Facilities

Ocean Gallery Property Mgmt

October 2009

Your Liquid Blanket [Heatsavr] does a great job of holding the heat in during the chilly nights, enabling us to save money on the cost of fuel. With Liquid Blanket [Heatavr] we are able to maintain a lovely constant warm temperature in the pool which keeps our guests happy and the savings makes us happier!!

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Stevens Pointe Home Owners Ass.

We use a small amount of Heatsavr each night at 9:30pm right after the pool closes (the automatic distribution gizmo). Even with the colder than normal summer nights, we never dropped below 74 degrees (in the morning), and had virtually no heat loss (steam coming off the water) in the morning. I assume the product form a skim and kept the heat in (just like advertised). We keep the pool around 81 degrees during the day, and on the warmer summer nights last summer, the pool temperature would be 78 degrees in the morning. We never achieved those results using a solar cover.

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Coastal Realty & Property Management

October 14, 2008

Flexible Solutions,

Thank you for inventing the HeatSavr liquid pool cover. We use this product at 2 of our properties. It has saved us from buying pool covers and having to close the pool early every day.

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Cantrell Center

Heatsavr works.
That's the bottom line.
Temperature control is crucial for the pool at our Wellness Center and Physical Therapy facility...With Heatsavr in the water we have confidence that the water temperature will be right, even at 530 in the morning when we open.

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Professional Pool Operators of America (PPOA)

Here at the PPOA test pool, our experiments were empirical, attempting to minimize outside variables as much as possible but acknowledging that one day is never like the next. A modest quantity of the new chemical [Heatsavr] was provided for testing by the manufacturer just about the time California started having very cool nights. For a ten-day test period we dribbled a little over one ounce of the liquid on a 480 square-foot pool most evenings. Results have been summarized in the table below [see link for chart], where the liquid made a dramatic improvement in the nightly losses.

Backyard Swimming Pools

Chris Rohde, Pool Owner

I am a NOAA weather spotter; my weather station's data is automatically updated every five minutes, and I put a thermometer in my pool just for fun. I have been tracking my pool's data for the last seven years.

I used up my order at the end of last season, and didn't think it was a big deal. This season is just beginning and I can't believe what a difference Heat Saver makes.

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M. Webb

I have a 16 x 32 outdoor pool that is shaded the better part of the day. With that much shade, even in the Oklahoma weather I needed to heat the pool, and subsequently decrease heat loss. Even in 100+ degree weather, my pool would only get 82f. We wanted the pool to be a tropical 85f. Sooooo… I bought a heat pump and installed it. With a wonderful temperature of 85f, the biggest issue was heat loss. At night I was losing 8+ degrees and my heater would run, even in the middle of July, to bring our pool back to desired temperature. I was a little cautious about buying a liquid pool cover, but I am too lazy to want to role a cover on and off. We decided to take the chance and bought the HeatSavr unit. Once installed, we saw an overnight change in heat loss! The maximum loss we have experienced now is 2 degrees and the heater never runs. This little unit has paid for itself in only 3 months calculating electric and water loss. Well worth the money.

L & D Hurtig

After we used ecosavr pool heaters starting 3 years ago the temperature of the pool never dipped below 79 - 80 degrees and is often in the low 80's. It is wonderful and has changed the way we use the pool. Gone are the days when we would worry that our guests, who only escape winter for a week or 2, would not be able to enjoy swimming in our pool.

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