Lower Energy Consumption

Not only is energy (aka gas and electric) expensive, but when wasted is a drain on our precious resources. If you have a chance to reduce your energy consumption, it will do you - and the earth - a favor.

Liquid pool covers work by protecting the heat in a swimming pool. If less heat is lost from the water, pool heaters won't have to work as hard to maintain the temperature, cutting back on their run time. The less your heater has to work, the more you will save.

Are you interested in hearing just how much saving energy can save you? Read some of the experiences shared by current liquid pool cover users:

Conserve Water

Yes, there is a lot of water here on our lovely planet earth. Unfortunately, the great majority of it is not ideal for our use. For that reason, every year in North America droughts happen and water gets more expensive. All swimming pools lose a vast amount of water through the process of evaporation. Using Ecosavr or Heatsavr can reduce that water loss by up to 50%.

It has even been put to the test by water authorites:

Reduce Waste

For many years, plastic pool blankets of all shapes and varieties were the preferred choice for covering a swimming pool. They reduced evaporation and kept heat and water loss to a minimum, which was wonderful. However, they also degrade over time, leaving little plastic floating pieces in a swimming pool, clogging up filters and / or adding a big chunk of waste to landfills.

Many pool owners and operators invested in a pool blanket only to find that they are a considerable hassle and never even used them!

Welcome in the days of the liquid pool cover. Not only will it prevent the plastic waste of a traditional pool blanket, but it is easy to use and biodegradable!
If you are looking ways to "Go Green" with your swimming pool habits, get in touch with us today. Afterall, our favorite slogan is "Cover and Conserve!"