De-Stress the Care and Maintenance of your Aquatics Facility
by Danielle Hardgrave on November 29th, 2016

Heatsavr liquid pool cover
​Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is, for most people, in full swing. And that can be stressful.
But let's not talk about that for a moment.

This, my friends, is a friendly reminder to take a break. Get a coffee. Do a crossword. Stare at the ceiling for five minutes. Whatever it is you do when you need to relax, make time for it in your day. Several times a day, if necessary.

When I feel overwhelmed, I take a nap. It's not the most efficient and timely method of de-stressing, but it's better than nothing. What's yours?

Life is too short to be living with constant stress, and around this time of year things are constantly stressful. So take that break. And when you're done, consider which areas of your life and work could be streamlined in order to cause less anxiety to you overall.

I can think of at least one: your pool.
palm trees and pool
​Using a liquid pool cover at your facility is the best way to experience the benefits of a pool cover without the added fuss. You'll save money on your pool's heating bill, waste less water, and experience less humidity on the pool deck. All without having to haul a pool cover on and off your pool. You can even set your liquid pool cover to be dosed automatically with our pump, making it a true set-it-and-forget-it solution!

Not every task in your life will have an easy button, but covering your pool does. For everything else, there's always naps. 

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