Keep you pool warmer, longer
by Monique Nelson on April 13th, 2016

Keep the heat in your pool - a to z blogging challenge
​Summer is just around the corner and you are ready to jump into your pool, right?! But the pool water just isn't quite the temperature you prefer to swim in.

At this time of year the sun is shining, but not nearly as many hours as we would like it to, in order to get our pool water to the warmth we are looking for. The worst part is that we can watch that temperature gauge creeping up every day, but then the sun goes down and so does the thermometer, right!?

Keeping the heat inside the water where you want it can be easier that you think.

Liquid solar pool covers were developed in order to keep swimming pool water warmer for a longer period of time. How, you wonder? Simply by lowering the rate of evaporation. About 75% of your pool's heat is lost by evaporating into thin air. If you have something covering your pool keeping that evaporation from escaping, you are also retaining heat.

I'm not going to lie to you, you can lower the evaporation rate by covering your pool with just about anything solid. Plastic pool blankets, safety covers and automatic pool covers work on the same principle. It has even been speculated that plastic wrap would do the trick. The question is, though, do any of these options work for you?

There are simply too many safety issues to even consider the plastic wrap, so please don't try that one at home.
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Traditional pool blankets are great solutions for many people, but they come with limitations. First of all, they have to actually be on your pool and fit it well to work properly. And those suckers can be heavy! Unless they are safety covers, they could pose entrapment issues. Some of them are quite expensive. If you have water features or a uniquely shaped pool, it may be difficult to find a cover to fit, unless you get it custom fitted (read: premium price tag). And, let's be honest, they are not always that attractive.

Apply a liquid cover is as easy as 1 (snip the fin, toss it in, Ecosavr), 2 (toss in an few ounces of liquid once a week, Heatsavr), OR 3 (install a pump ONCE and have it do all the work for you). They will not keep items from falling in a pool—anything ranging from leaves to frogs to human beings will break through the liquid layer—but they also don't pose any entrapment issues. They fit any size or shape of pool and work both indoors and out. They are inexpensive. They allow the natural beauty of your pool and backyard to shine through!

One fantastic additional perk: they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

So, if you would like the heat to go on in your pool, try a pool cover and make it a liquid.

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