Annual Maintenance for the HS115 Automatic Metering System
by Monique Nelson on June 8th, 2016

Using a liquid pool cover like Heatsavr is pretty much one of the easiest ways to cover your swimming pool.

Manual dosing requires pool owner or operator to do some very simple calculations to figure out the dosage rate, and a minute or two to actually pour the liquid into the swimming pool either daily or weekly. Not too difficult. 
HS115 Heatsavr automatic metering system
There is also an option of installing an Automatic Metering System which will actually dose the Heatsavr into a pool each day automatically. After installing the system, all the pool owner / operator has to do is change the bottle when it gets empty, and a few simple annual maintenance tasks.

Installing and programming the system is quite easy, and we have actually filmed a video of the process so that you can see it for yourself. Watch that video here: HS115 Installation Video
Just like most equipment, especially items that have moving parts, the HS115 Automatic Metering System does require a bit of TLC to maintain in optimal running order. The few annual maintenance issues can usually be taken care of in less than half an hour. If you are considering installing one of these systems and want to know what kind of "work" will be required of you, or if you already have one installed, here are some of the most common care-taking tasks:

The LCD Screen

The little screen on the Automatic Metering System is where the time of day is displayed on the metering system. Many people use this screen as an indicator of whether or not the system is operating properly, but it doesn't tell the whole story. Even if that screen stops working, the metering system may still function properly! 

The screen is actually powered by a coin battery, which is the more important piece of the puzzle. That coin battery holds the programming of the system in the case of a power outage, so that even if the pump loses power for a short period of time, you won't have to reprogram all the settings.

However, just like the battery in your watch, this coin battery will die after time. It is fairly simple and inexpensive to replace, luckily. 
CR2330 Coin Battery
The battery that you will need is the CR2330 or the BR2330, and you can pick this up at most RadioShack locations for less than $10.

Once you have a battery, you will want to disconnect the power to your HS115 Metering system, and take the front plate off by removing the 4 screws. The first thing you will want to do is then tighten the 4 screws inside the front plate, as sometimes the battery is not actually dead, but the connections are just a bit loose. If this fixes your problem, GREAT! If not, simply locate the coin battery, pop it out and replace it with your new one. The put the pump back together and the screen should work just fine.

You will have to reprogram your system now, but that is quite simple as well. You can find the programming directions on Page 7 of our Installation Manual: HS115 Installation and Programming Manual.

The Flex Tube

The HS115 is a peristaltic pump, which basically means there is a roller assembly that rotates, creating pressure around a flexible tube. As the pressure moves from one side of the tube to the other, the liquid also moves. This is how the liquid pool cover gets pulled from the bottle of Heatsavr and pushed through to the main return line.

Because of the daily rotation, the Flex Tube inside the roller assembly will get squished over time. This restricts the volume of liquid that can move through the tube, and for that reason, the tube should be replaced annually.
Each installation kit that comes with the metering system has 2 Flex Tubes, and for subsequent years, you can order replacements for as little as about $12.

To replace the tube, all you have to do is press and turn the two black screws on the front of the pump, which will release the roller assembly. Loosen the small screw on the back, and remove the cover. The tube should pop out of the front cartridge easily, and will also remove the two white nuts attached to the tube. To put your new Flex Tube in, coat is first with the lubricant that is included, as this will help extend the life of the new tube. Then reverse your steps to put the roller assembly back together: snap in the flex tube, screw the cover back on, place the roller assembly back on the front of the pump and press and turn the two black nuts to secure it in place. 

Did I miss something?

If you have any questions that weren't covered here, please feel welcome to get in touch with me directly and I will be more than happy to help! If you use the form on our Contact Page I will do my best to respond within 24 hours: Contact Us

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Hi Just sent you a request re replacement liquid pool blanket. I also need to replace the flex tube.
Please can you contact me re both the price for the liquid and the tube including delivery?
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