How are Seniors, American Indians and Entertainment Centers Important to Your Facility?
by Monique Nelson on February 14th, 2012

How are Seniors, American Indians and entertainment centers important to your facility? Well, according to Aquatics International Magazine, senior communities, American Indian reservations and entertainment centers are three areas prophesied to require increased aquatic potential.

This will mean, in part, the building of new pools in certain communities. But there are many, many, many of these communities that will not have the resources to build new facilities - but they will be a prime new target market for you!

Have you ever considered marketing those Aqua-fit Classes within Senior Communities? A Post Card campaign advertising a special senior discount would probably fill up your classes quickly and easily!

Do you have room in your Spring programs for swimming lessons? Why not have someone pass out fliers to the homes in a nearby reservation?

Where do families and groups hang out in your neighborhood? Bowling Alley? Movie theater? Community Center (without a pool)? Why not approach those facilities and offer a co-op marketing opportunity where you hand out their brochures and they hand out yours?

If there is a need for additional aquatics potential, and you know the markets that want it, you are in a perfect position to simply reach out and accept their business!

If you would like to read the article that inspired this train of though, I recommend
"Branching Out - Aquatic Development is poised for growth in several new directions" in Aquatic International's February 2012 edition. (Sadly, I can't find it online to offer you a link).

I hope you enjoyed this food for thought. Good luck!

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