Set it and Forget it Pool Care Solution
by Danielle Hardgrave on June 7th, 2016

There are a lot of advantages to living in a top-floor apartment. First of all, I don't hear any noises from above me unless it's raining or hailing. Second of all, I can lie in bed and listen to it rain or hail. There is the troubling matter of what happens if I do hear something decidedly unnatural coming from the roof, but that's a scenario that I've elected to deal with if and when it comes.

The most obvious downside is the heat. Yesterday it was scorching out, and I came back home hoping to have a little R&R in my apartment—which had had the blinds closed all day, so should have been relatively cool. I walked into the Heart of Darkness. The thick, hot air crowded me in my entrance way. Dim light filtered in from thick canopy of trees above me. Or maybe it came from my living room curtains. I could hear the squawking of my neighbour's parrot, and in the distance the heavy beating of drums.
​All dramatics aside, being too hot where you're supposed to be cool sucks. I think the same can be said about being too cold when you're expecting to be warm. In that same vein, there's probably no worse feeling than overheating poolside, only to jump in and have the pool be too cold for comfort. Your pool should be refreshing, not freezing. Your options to keep it at a swimmable temperature, though, involve either a lot of money spent on a heater, or crossing your fingers and hoping for continuous sunshine to heat it up.

While Heatsavr doesn't physically warm your pool, it's going to make both pool heating options significantly more effective. Heatsavr saves up to 35% of your pool's heating costs by preventing heat-sapping evaporation. What that means is that your pool's heater won't have to work as hard to keep the temperature up, saving you money. If you don't have a heater, having that water stay in your pool will mean that it will naturally retain more heat.

Heatsavr is the kind of simple solution to a temperature problem that I only wish existed for my apartment. So far the only things that have helped so far are eating at least half a dozen freezies a day and parking myself in front of an oscillating fan. 

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