Saving Energy Saves Money

Heatsavr       Kit

Each Heatsavr Kit includes:
  • 1 HS115 Automatic Metering System
  • 4 - 1 quart bottles of Heatsavr (approximately 4 months supply for a 400 sq. ft. swimming pool)
  • Installation Materials
  • All Weather Cover
  • Instruction Manual for easy programming

Retain Heat | Save Energy

Reduce evaporation to start saving money on your heating costs

  • Pools lose up to 70% of their heat through evaporation
  • Reducing the rate of evaporation will retain heat in your pool
  • Keeping the heat in your pool will reduce the load on your pool heater, requiring less effort to maintain the desired temperature
  • The less your heater runs, the more your energy consumption will decrease
Using Heatsavr, the liquid solar pool cover, can cut evaporation rates in half, keeping the heat in your pool and reducing your energy costs up up to 35%.

Easy Product | Simple Decision

Take the workload off employees and your heater

Liquid pool covers are easy to use and hassle free!
  • Dosage rate: 1 ounce of Heatsavr per 400 sq. ft. of surface area each day
  • Apply manually by simply pouring the liquid directly into the pool, with little to no effort each day, or
  • Use the automated metering system that is included with the Heatsavr Kit for a hands-free, set and forget system!