Will a liquid pool cover help in an unheated pool?
by Monique Nelson on June 9th, 2016

Questions about liquid pool covers answered
One of the most frequent questions we get here at the Liquid Pool Covers Head Office is in regards to unheated pools and whether or not using a liquid pool cover will be worth while. After all, a non-heated pool isn't consuming loads of energy (and therefore money), so what is the appeal?

Here's the honest truth, my friends:

Liquid pool covers have been proven to reduce overnight heat loss by about 50%. This is a big deal if you are not heating your pool, because it will allow you to keep your water warmer, for a longer period of time.

Heatsavr and Ecosavr are able to retain that much heat because they protect your water against evaporation. During this process, as an added bonus, using our products will also lower the amount of water loss your pool experiences naturally. You won't have to refill your pool as often, which not only saves water by saves you work and reduces the amount of cold water you are forced to add to your pool!

As you can see, the benefits are extensive! I don't expect you to believe every word I say, however, so I've included a pretty impressive story from a long-time Heatsavr user. Just keep reading...
I have a 16 x 32 outdoor pool that is shaded the better part of the day. With that much shade, even in the Oklahoma weather I needed to heat the pool, and subsequently decrease heat loss. Even in 100+ degree weather, my pool would only get 82f. We wanted the pool to be a tropical 85f. Sooooo… I bought a heat pump and installed it. With a wonderful temperature of 85f, the biggest issue was heat loss. At night I was losing 8+ degrees and my heater would run, even in the middle of July, to bring our pool back to desired temperature. I was a little cautious about buying a liquid pool cover, but I am too lazy to want to role a cover on and off. We decided to take the chance and bought the HeatSavr unit. Once installed, we saw an overnight change in heat loss! The maximum loss we have experienced now is 2 degrees and the heater never runs. This little unit has paid for itself in only 3 months calculating electric and water loss. Well worth the money.

After the purchase: I needed to contact customer service with some questions and a minor issue. Not only is customer service with HeatSaver very prompt and courteous, they have resolved or answered every question with me, the customer in mind. To be honest, I am not accustomed to being treated with this much respect and enthusiasm to resolve questions and issues.

I would highly recommend this unit and company to anyone tired of reeling off solar blankets, and who are interested in saving money! Great product, great service after the sale. Cannot ask for better.

Attached are some pictures. Note the heatsavr liquid bottle next to the filter in the picture!

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