Testimonials, Tests & Trial Results
by Danielle Hardgrave on April 23rd, 2016

Testimonials, Tests & Trial Results - A to Z Blogging Challenge
If you've clicked around on our website, or read a few blog entries, you've seen the claims we've made about our products: save up to 50% of your pool's overnight heat loss, 35% of its heating bill, and 50% of its water loss.

You, the discerning consumer, have been taught to be skeptical of products that seem too good to be true—and rightly so. Throughout the years dozens of companies have tried to sell you their rebranded snake oil, claiming to cure your headaches, tone your tummy, or fill your bank account, all for only three easy payments of $29.99.

In their efforts to swindle you they've even paid people to speak on their behalf, or have displayed heavily biased test results. And you know what? At some point it has probably worked. It certainly has on me. I'm the absolute worst for those things; with the right pitch, you could sell me sand in a desert. I've bought it all: the Slap-chop, the Magic Bullet, the Sham-wow, even HD Vision Wraparounds. If I haven't bought it, it's because somebody stopped me.
​I'm not saying those products are completely useless. On the contrary, I love my Magic Bullet. But what I am saying is that I've also been burned before—not by my George Foreman Grill, thankfully—and you probably have too. Now, seeing our product, I wouldn't be surprised if you were concerned about getting burned again.

In the face of your doubt, I will say only one thing: don't believe a word we say. While you're at it, don't believe a word of what any of our competitors say about their products either. Put on your least rose-tinted glasses and grab a few handfuls of salt, if you must. What should you believe then? Evidence.

That's something that we are happy to provide, because we know how unlikely it seems that a solution as easy as Heatsavr and Ecosavr exists. Not only do we have test and trial results, but we've got testimonials a-plenty, all from people just like you, who were so happy with the results of our products that they wanted to share their experiences.
Liquid Pool Covers Testimonials Booklet
To reiterate, you don't need to take our word for it. I'm fine if you don't, because I've been there too. In our twenty years of business, though, we've stacked up oodles of happy customers. And that, in the end, is what tells you all you need to know.

Just click on the image to the right to download a copy of our Testimonials Booklet, which is packed with Testimonials, Tests and Trial Results from real customers, just like you.

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