De-Mythifying Liquid Pool Covers
by Monique Nelson on February 6th, 2012

I was very recently in Atlantic City for the North East Pool & Spa Association Trade Show. I attend this show every year, and I have noticed that, in the past few years, there has been a growing attendance by Commercial Facility operators, and their suppliers.

I met quite a few owners and operators who were very interested in Heatsavr as a liquid pool cover, but were under the impression that, for some reason, it wouldn't be of use in their facility. Each one of them was politely corrected and, happily realized that Heatsavr would be of GREAT use in their facility. I thought you might have similar reservations, so I thought I would share with you the 3 most common MYTHS I faced at the tradeshow.

#3) Liquid pool covers are useless on indoor swimming pools. MYTH!

Some of our most successful liquid pool cover users have indoor facilities. Pools will lose heat to evaporation whether they are indoors or outdoors, so Heatsavr will work just as well both inside and out. Indoor pools won't have the temperature fluctuation of outdoor pools, so your heating costs will be more regulated, but the savings will still be there. Actually, indoor pools get the benefit of reduced humidity!

#2) Liquid pool covers only work when the circulation system is turned off. MYTH!

Heatsavr was developed for the commercial swimming pool industry almost 20 years ago, and we created a dosage rate assuming that the circulation system would HAVE to be on 24 hours a day. We structured the dosage rate to ensure there would always been enough product covering them pool even while some of the product was working its way through your circulation system. The effect of wind was a closely related question, so I will add it here in the #3 myth "busted" answer. While wind may temporarily push Heatsavr around on the surface of the pool, the product is specially formulated to spread itself out - at a rate of about 6MPH if you want to get technical - so it will always be moving to cover the entire surface of your pool.

#1) I have jets that are directed upwards, so I can use a liquid pool cover. MYTH! This was, without a doubt, the MOST common misconception about Heatsavr. Many people thought that since they had jets directed towards the surface of the water (or water features like a spillover edge or water fountain) a liquid pool cover wouldn't work for them, and that is just not true! Liquid pool covers can work absolutely fine when there is movement in the water. In fact, they can work where a traditional plastic pool can't exactly because of the fact that they will form around any disturbance in the water and still work with great efficiency. Some of the highest savings our customers have shared with us have come from WaterParks, which obviously have a lot of disturbance on their surface area.

Did you have doubts because of myths similar to these? If yes, before you discount the incredibly adaptable nature of liquid pool covers, please email me with your questions. Chances are, Heatsavr will be a great fit for your facility.I have also written a guide that covers just about every other question you could think of. You can read it by clicking on the following link:

9 Commercial Pool Problems SOLVED! - 2012 Edition

If you have a unique situation and would like to ask a specific question, you are always welcome to email me: [email protected]

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