The "double-glazed window" effect for your pool
by Danielle Hardgrave on January 12th, 2016

​The apartment I live in is relatively modern. I say relatively because before I moved in the building owners did a fair amount of renovation to my suite so that it no longer looks like what you'd expect of a typical 1970s-built apartment structure. Sure, the layout is still the same. I reckon you could walk into almost any apartment building in my city built before 1990 and experience a feeling of déjà vu. As far as I know the strange stucco-like wall coating also harkens back to a time before cell phones and mp3s. The appliances are fairly clean and new though, and the bathroom and bedrooms have clearly been updated. All in all I'm quite happy with the way things look at home. There's only one thing I would change - I wish they'd scrapped the whole project and put in double-glazed windows instead.
single paned windows letting in cold air
I get it, putting in new windows is expensive. It's an especially expensive project to carry out for a whole four-storey apartment building. I can't help but wonder though, at night as my cold ears are picking up the conversation in the parking lot as clearly as if it were occurring in the room with me, if perhaps that's an expense they should have just taken. But of course each tenant is accountable for their own heating bill, and I doubt any of those responsible for making such decisions has ever tried to take a nap during the day while the daycare next door is in full session. It appears that my plight is one I must simply bear - with closed curtains and extra blankets nonetheless.
​Your pool's surface operates much like a window does. Moreover, if you don't use a pool cover it operates much like my window does - inefficiently. Instead of sound and cold seeping in, however, your pool is letting evaporated water and heat out. Think of Heatsavr, our tried and tested liquid pool cover, as a way to add another 'glaze' to the 'window' of your pool; but unlike an actual window, Heatsavr is both easy and cost-efficient to add. Once applied, you can expect to save up to 35% on your heating costs and reduce up to 50% of your pool's evaporation. With less evaporation, you'll conserve a lot of water, and with less work required by your heater you will experience a more comfortable heating bill.

If you would like a free, no obligation estimate for using Heatsavr on your unique swimming pool, I'd be happy to help. Just send me a message with details about your pool size and your location, and I'll let you know what the most cost effective course of action may be.

If only there was a similar solution for my apartment. In the mean time I'll be under the covers, wondering why little Kieran can't just do as he's told for once. 

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