Capture the Enthusiasm of Spring
by Monique Nelson on March 4th, 2016

2 swimming snow people
Every year when spring rolls around it amazes me how many cliches about renewal, new beginnings and fresh starts actually feel right. The flowers start poking through, trees bloom and walking down the street you see brightly colored outfits and sunglasses everywhere. 

The next time you go to put on your sunglasses take a moment to appreciate how it feels. It's almost impossible not to love it!

In the pool industry we all appreciate the sun's force as a source of energy, but in the spring it brings on a whole new meaning. It energizes us and all our customers too. 

I started to notice a few weeks ago that pool owners were starting to send emails, looking forward to opening their pools. It started as a trickle, but now they are coming in streams, and they are followed by ringing phones. I'm sure you've noticed the same thing. 

No one knows what the summer will be like, but the spring brings optimism!

The feeling of excitement is contagious; have you caught it yet? What has it done for your business prospective? Planning opening season can be an incredibly hectic time of year, but when bolstered by the enthusiasm of spring, it promises an incredible amount of potential.

I know that one of the first things a pool owner thinks about - after their pool is clean and the hard work is done - is how to get that water warm enough to jump in for the first swim. As you know, Heatsavr and Ecosavr are a great way to help that happen quicker. By sharing liquid pool covers with your customers, you can help them reduce their heat loss by up to 50% and get their pools up to temperature as soon as possible. 

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