Embrace the Lazy Days of Summer
by Danielle Hardgrave on July 27th, 2016

man and woman floating in pool
​I like being lazy in the summer. Naps on top of my sheets with the whirring of a fan to lull me to sleep. Listening to the hiss of the waves beating against the shore while I sip on an iced coffee and read. Floating in my pool while a nearby speaker hums Weezer's "Island in the Sun." These are undoubtedly the finer things in life.

You can't be lazy for all of the summer, though. I get that. There are certain tasks that must be undertaken in order to reach these chill ideals. Work must be finished before naps. Sunscreen must be applied. Iced coffees must be made. And, most importantly, pools must be maintained. And maintaining a pool, as you know, is no walk in the park. Balancing chemicals, checking water temperature, and scooping out debris are exhausting tasks. They're necessary though, so we do them. But dragging a pool blanket on and off your pool? That's extra hard work that you can go without.
heatsavr liquid solar pool cover
​Don't get me wrong—you should definitely cover your pool. Evaporation accounts for around seventy percent of temperature loss in pools, and only covering your pool can help slow that down. But you don't need to use a plastic pool cover. Instead, get a little lazy—use a liquid pool cover.

Being lazy is often a bad thing. After all, Rome was not built by sloths. But when you can take the easier route in life and not see negative side effects? That's great. When you get positive results in return? That's better.

Using Heatsavr is very simple, even more so if you use our automatic metering system. And, for you light labor, you will be rewarded by a reduction in your water and heat loss of up to fifty percent! Saving water and heat also means saving money—so that makes these lazy savings threefold!

In a world where if things seem too good (or too easy) to be true they probably are, Heatsavr is an option you can trust. 

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