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Outdoor swimming pools have to fight the elements at every turn. The sun won't shine, the wind blows too hard, the overnight temperature leaves a sheen of frost on the surface of your pool. Whatever the cause, Heatsavr™ and / or Ecosavr™ will help you maintain a semblance of normalacy.

By lowering the rate of evaporation a pool experiences, a liquid solar cover will help to reduce overnight heat loss by approximately 50%, while also saving a simlar amount of water. For heating pools, these savings will translate into a lower heating bill, because your heater will not have to work as hard to maintain the pool's water temperature. Solar systems and heat pumps will also recieve a nice helping hand in maintaining the water temperature.

If you would like to hear the stories of real pool owners and operators who use liquid pool covers on their outdoor pools, keep reading!

J Kostich, Ohio pool owner

I have an outdoor pool that is shaped like the letter "L." It is 48 feet long and the shallow end is 30 feet wide. Because of the "L" shape, we have always had to use a solar cover on a huge spool, which is very heavy, and then place another square piece over the shallow part that extends out.

I am located in Ohio, and usually open my pool in June, but with the warm spell in March, we opened our pool this March. After one hot week, temperatures returned to their cooler norm.

Upon the advice of Mike at www.amphibiouspools.com, I decided to try Heatsavr in our huge pool. I was very skeptical that a mere few ounces of anything added to the water daily, would do anything to stop the rapid water loss through evaporation. When I added the Heatsavr, the temperature of my water was 73 degrees F, and the temperature outside was 45 degrees F. There was a fog over the water that was so thick, you could barely see the water. Upon adding the Heatsavr, it was like watching a magic trick. The fog over the pool slowly went away as the thin film spread by itself over the pool. I absolutely couldn't believe it! After using your product for a couple of months now, I have seen a measurable and substantial lessoning of water evaporating from the pool, and the pool water retains the heat resulting in the furnace kicking on and running less often!!

I found by pointing the water jets downward, so the surface area of the pool is still when everyone is out, the product works at its best. I add the product every night. I have purchased the auto fill device, but quite honestly, I like watching the evaporating water roll off like magic when I pour the Heatsevr in the pool! As the novelty wears off, I'll plump the water line and let the device add it automatically.

But for now, it really impresses friends and relatives to watch the water in the evening, as it gets cold out, with steam starting to rise up, see me add a couple of ounces in the deep end, just thrown into the pool, and as the wind blows gently, the steam rolls off as if the surface was sealed!!

Very dramatic product, very easy to use, definitely reduces evaporation and helps your pool retain heat!! Since I'm not adding as much new water constantly, pool chemicals don't need adjusted as often.... another added savings!

Thanks for the great product!!!

J. Kostich
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Mount La Jolla Association

"We have been using Heatsavr for over 8 years and we are entirely satisfied with its performance...We would highly recommend Heatsavr to anyone who is currently using or considering installing a conventional pool cover."

Meredith Schreiber, Assistant Manager
Mount La Jolla Association
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Why would a liquid solar cover like Heatsavr be a better choice than a plastic pool blanket? Click the file link to read the full testimonial and find out!

Scripps Ranch
Swim & Racquet Club

"After contacting one of the local testimonials on your website, we decided to try heatsaver at one of our swimming pools. Our three month trial resulted in savings of almost 25% in heating costs from the same prior year period. Because of the savings and ease of use, we started using it at our other pool and have been a satisfied customer since 2003. For us, the savings in heating our pools easily covers the cost of the heatsavr product."

Scott Herman, General Manager
Scripps Ranch Swim & Racquet Club

Is your outdoor pool saving with a liquid pool cover?

If you're outdoor swimming pool has been able to retain heat, reduce heating costs, save water, or make your life better and easier in any way, please share your story! Just use the contact form above to send an email with your testimonial!