What is Heatsavr?
by Monique Nelson on May 2nd, 2016

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​Heatsavr™ is a transparent liquid that spreads itself out over the surface of a body of water. When it is added to your pool, it creates a liquid barrier between the water and the air, which helps to reduce the rate of evaporation. 

Since the average pool loses approximately 70% of its heat to evaporation, Heatsavr™ helps maintain the water temperature in any pool, saving heat, water and money to keep a pool's heater running.
Mount La Jolla Pools using Heatsavr
Mount La Jolla Association
La Jolla, California 92037
​Dear Monique,

We have been using Heatsavr for over 8 years and we are entirely satisfied with its performance.

Prior to Heatsavr we had solar blankets on three of our four pools and all four of our spas. Needless to say, these covers, their daytime enclosures, and the mechanisms used to roll and unroll them, were costly and required a substantial amount of maintenance.

With Heatsavr, we have eliminated the covers as well as the employee, who was responsible for putting them on at night. Although we are using the same or slightly less gas for the pool and spa heaters, we have realized savings in labor and material costs as a result of using this product. We have had nothing but positive feedback from the residents of our 234 homes.

We would highly recommend Heatsavr to anyone who is currently using or considering installing a conventional pool cover. 

Meredith Schreiber, Assistant Manager

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