Backwashing - How it will affect your pool experience
by Monique Nelson on April 2nd, 2016

B is for Backwashing - A to Z Blogging Challenge
Backwashing is a part of life for pool owners.

Sand and DE filters need to be backwashed on a somewhat regular schedule, and this requires pushing a great deal of water from your pool backwards through your filter to rinse the dirt and debris out.

Once the filter runs clean again, you are left with a partially filled swimming pool that is in dire need of a top up. 

Most commonly, the water to refill your pool will be straight from your hose. First things first, you'll have to get the chemicals out to rebalance your water properly.

Once that is taken care of, you can start getting your family back into the water. However, we all know that hose water is cold, cold water. It won't take a great stretch of your imagination to realize that you're going to have a lot of fresh water that needs to be brought back up to comfortable temperature. 

If you heat your swimming pool, you're energy bill will probably spike as your heater has to work overtime to find that magic temperature again. If you don't heat your pool water, you will have to rely on the sun's warm rays to work their magic on your water. 
Man relaxing beside above ground swimming pool
​Either way, using a liquid pool cover can make this process much easier on you, and get you back into pool splashing around as soon as possible. 

After backwashing your pool you will want to add your weekly dosage of Heatsavr, or perhaps squeeze a few extra drops of Ecosavr out of the fish and directly onto the surface of the water for quick and efficient application.

The liquid cover will protect any heat you may have retained in your water, and help grow your temperature with the help of the sun or your heater, depending on the situation. 

After such a a big dump of water, it will be a very nice added bonus to conserve all the water you can after a backwash, which a liquid pool cover will also maximize for you. 

Backwashing your sand or DE filter may be a mandatory part of your pool care routine, but using a liquid pool cover can help reduce the impact of the process - both on your enjoyment of the pool, and on the resources your pool consumes!

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