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Table of Contents:
  • Outdoor Heated Pools
  • Outdoor Unheated Pools
  • Indoor Heated Pools
  • Indoor Unheated Pools
  • Unique Aquatics Facilities
  • Sanitizing Agents & Equipment
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Table of Contents:

Why Choose a Liquid Pool Cover?
~ 7 Great Reasons to Choose a Liquid Pool Cover from Flexible Solutions

Plastic Blanket vs. Liquid Pool Cover

Crash Course in Liquid Pool Covers

Keep Water Warmer, Longer

Save a Fortune on Heating Costs

Basic Pool Heating Facts

How Heatsavr & Ecosavr SAVE Money

Conserve Water and Save the World

The Easiest Pool Cover Around

Choose Your Weapon - Manual or Automatic?

Savings for All Pools, Inside or Out

Tested & Proven to be Safe

Flexible Solutions

Service & Warranty Policy

~ How to Use Ecosavr
~ HS115 Automatic Metering System

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