Commerical Pool Operators: Meet the Hs140

Are you tired of:

* high water evaporation rates?

* expensive water heating costs?

* difficulty controlling humidity?

It's time to try Heatsavr, the liquid solar pool cover!

​Heatsavr™ can help to reduce your pools' evaporation rate by up to 50%, lowering your water heating costs, reducing your water consumption and helping to control the humidity levels at indoor facilities.

Heatsavr can help your facility:

  • save between 10%-40% on the costs of heating a swimming pool
  • conserve water consumption by up to 50%
  • lower humidity levels by reducing water evaporation

Liquid pool covers are effective everywhere!

  • Heatsavr is dosed based on square footage, and there is no pool too large or too small 
  • a liquid can easily form itself to fit any unique swimming pool shape without added costs or difficulty
  • Heatsavr works on indoor pools AND outdoor pools with equal efficiency

Liquid pool covers are easy to use and inexpensive!

  • Heatsavr can be applied using an Automatic Metering System - the HS115 - which means your staff does not have to fight with a conventional plastic pool blanket
  • a liquid cover can be protecting your pool 24/7 - even while your facility is open and operating!
Slideshow: Before & After pictures from facilities who have seen amazing results by using Heatsavr, the liquid solar cover. You could be adding your images of success to this gallery, but you have to get your one-time-offer today!

It's time to try Heatsavr, the liquid solar pool cover!