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Conserving Energy, Water and Money with Liquid Pool Covers

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Regardless of economic conditions, commercial aquatics facilities have always searched for ways to become more economical and efficient. As a result, the industry has discovered and implemented many innovative cost-saving solutions. Liquid pool covers are proving to be one solution that has seen impressive results.

How Evaporation Affects Your Pool

Water evaporation occurs in all pools, whether they are indoor or outdoor, and it has a wide range of effects.

For unheated pools, the most noticeable consequence is usually heat loss. The average, well maintained pool, will lose approximately 70 percent of its heat through evaporation. You will notice heat loss most significantly overnight, leaving your water chilled in the morning.

Heated pools also lose heat this way, but the heater maintains a set temperature, so the loss is not always as immediately obvious. It is apparent on your energy bill, however, as your heater continues to work hard to maintain the desired water temperature.

Evaporation also causes water loss, as you can well imagine. In some areas of North America, it is estimated that the entire contents of an outdoor pool will be evaporated in a single season.

Retain Heat, Conserve Energy

By lowering the amount of evaporation your pool experiences, you will also enjoy the added benefit of reducing the heat your pool loses. For pools that do not use an external heat source, this will help keep the water temperature consistent and comfortable.

If your pool does use a heat source, reducing the amount of heat loss caused by evaporation will moderate the energy the heater uses to maintain a set temperature. The less energy a heater consumes, the more money you save and the more efficient your facility becomes.
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CS Exclusive: Outdoor Pools

Club Solutions Magazine is exactly what it says and much more. As a magazine it is distributed nationally to health and fitness clubs of all sizes.

Since 2003, Club Solutions Magazine has expanded to an online Web site (, e-newsletter and digital publication. Each separate entity helps convey new and innovative solutions to club owners and their employees.
On May 1, 2012, they published an online exclusive article titled: Outdoor Pools

It went into detail about the processes involved in opening an outdoor pool for the Summer season, and covered topics that included getting the pool water up to temperature and keeping it there.

One of the solutions put into action by Big Vanilla - a health club and fitness center chain - was Heatsavr™, the liquid solar pool cover.

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Some Fads Deserve More Than a Passing Glance

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As a professional in the world of fitness, you know all about the fickle nature of trends and fads. No other industry has seen quite so many “miracle cures” target their audience. Out of the many, only a few stand the test of time..
Why Some Products Don’t Make It

Innovation is a wonderful thing. However, products often hit the market before there is enough data to support their value. Every time a new diet promises to make people lose weight fast and without effort, thousands of people jump on board to experience the miracle and a fad is born. After a few months, the stubborn extra pounds that those thousands of people are carrying around haven’t gone anywhere, and the fad starts to decelerate. Eventually, it fizzles out and disappears.

Some products don’t make it past their first year of sales because their value doesn’t equal their claims. They don’t deliver on their promises. Some fads can even cause harm.

Why Some Products Do Make It

In order for a product to move past the fad stage, there are a few factors that must always be present:
  • They must offer value.
  • They must solve a problem.
  • They must make good on their claims.
  • They must be safe.
  • They must be priced appropriate to their value.
  • There must be a market demand for them.
Even with all those criteria satisfied, some products will still fail. If the target market does not know the product exists, it doesn’t matter how great it is — it will fail. If the target market doesn’t believe in the product enough to try it, it will fail. So in addition to actually being a great product, in order to overcome the fad roadblock, it must be accessible and appealing to the target market.
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Aquatics Facility Case Study

Liquid Pool Covers

Facility Sees Significant Energy Savings By Reducing Evaporation


The City of Thunder Bay chose the Volunteer Pool as the test facility for its liquid pool cover pilot project.

After being administered into the water, the liquid pool cover forms a transparent, one-molecule thick layer on top of the water, which helps to reduce heat loss and energy consumption through evaporation.

An automatic metering system (AMS), comprising a peristaltic pump and a seven-day programmable timer, is used at the Volunteer Pool facility to inject the liquid pool cover into the main pool.

Facility staff manually add the liquid pool cover to the spa on a daily basis.

During the pilot project at the City of Thunder Bay's facilities and services division determined the energy savings combined with the reduction in humidity levels and space temperature created an approximate 40 per cent savings in natural gas consumption.

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