Indoor Pools

The Benefits:

Liquid pool covers like Heatsavr™ and Ecosavr™ are farily well recognized for their ability to reduce energy consumption required to heat a swimming pool. Indoor pools will benefit in so many other ways, as well.

For example, since liquid solar covers will reduce evaporation - which DOES happen in indoor environments - it reduces the amout of water normally lost. This will help keep water bills under control and, as a significant added benefit, reduce the humidity levels in indoor pool environments.

Keep reading to understand how currenty liquid solar pool cover customers are reaping the rewards of using this safe and simple solution.

Prism Centre

"My test customer was Chatham's Prism Centre for physically challenged youth on their therapy pool which is 20ft x 50 ft indoor and they have always had a bad humidity problem. As you can see by my pictures you can't see out the windows and the door would sweat puddles. With the Heatsavr auto-matic system the windows are clear and you can see outside also no puddles at the door."

Where else is the director using Heatsavr now? Find out by clicking the link below:
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Onslow Fitness Center

"I am writing this to THANK YOU for such a wonderful product. We have an indoor pool, 20' by 40' heated to 87 degrees. Discovering your Heatsavr product has been great for us...Our pool is heated by gas and our gas bill went down 34% the first year we used Heatsavr. This savings was based on total dollars, not gallons, so the real savings was greater than that because the cost of gas whent up."

Beth Saroka, CEO
Onslow Fitness Center
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Onslow Fitness saw two other very important benefits by using Heatsavr. Find out what they were when you read the full testimonial by clicking the link above.

Dobyns-Bennett High School

"I was recently installing an Eco-Flo-C Variable Frequency Drive adn Heatsavr system for Dobyns Bennett High School...I had no comprehension the results would be so dramatic. It is one thing when you can understand the process, a totally different thing when you actually see (and feel) the results."

Wes Burdine - The Pool Guy
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Click the file above to read the whole amazing story about a facility who's humidity problems essentiallly disappeared overnight!

Coyote Partnership

"About ten years ago, I discovered Heat Saver. What a great product! Not only did it save a lot of heat in the pool, it also reduce the humidity substantially! Becaues of the large reduction in evaporation, the dehumidifier can easily keep humidity under 50%. No more mold, no more water damage, no more indoor "rain"...also, my pool heating bills are substantially lower and my water bill is less as well. All in all, Heat Saver has been a "life saver" for me."

Carolyn I. Butler
Coyote Partnership, Yuma AZ
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Coyote Partnership has much more to say about the benefits of using a liquid pool cover, but you'll have to read the whole testimonial to find out what else they were able to save. Just click on the file download above!

Cantrell Wellness Center

"Heatsavr works. That's the bottom line. Temperature control is crucial for the pool at our Wellness Center and Physical Therapy facility...With Heatsavr in the water we have confidence that the water temperature will be right, even at 530 in the morning when we open. It is a cince to use; our staff loves it because we no longer have to deal with an uncooperative manual pool cover!"

Joan B. Falldine, CPO
Cantrell Wellness Center
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To read the full testimonial, in all its glory, simply click the link above!

Atlanta Swim Academy

"We have 3 indoor pools kept at 88 degrees year round. We have been using Heatsavr now for a few years and love the fact that when our pools are not covered with our solar blanket, our Heatsavr Liquid Solar cover is in the water helping us keep our natural gas and water bill down."

Brad Grzelka,
Atlanta Swim Academy
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Click the link titled "Atlanta Swim Academy" directly above to read the whole review from this indoor facility.

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