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Manager Sportfondsen Amsterdam-Oost about Heatsavr use

"You just know you are using less energy when you have reduced ventilation."

Leo de Haas, pool manager since 1994, was the first Dutch pool manager who applied Heatsavr to his swimming pool. Now Sportfondsen Amsterdam East has been using Heatsavr for over eighteen months. Heatsavr has enabled an energy saving of over €46.000 in 2011. What made Leo de Haas use Heatsavr and what are his experiences thus far?
Energy savings will be the main motive for most people to apply Heatsavr to their pool. De Haas, however, was triggered by the basic effect of the product. He was very interested in the reduction of the overall humidity within the pool building. Amsterdam East has always been a fairly humid pool, causing the walls to be damp most of the time. This resulted in wet plaster, mold and corrosion. During the coldest winter months the walls got so wet that ice formed on the outside of the walls. Causing degradation of point work. With the use of Heatsavr all moisture in the walls was gone within 6 months, solving expensive maintenance problems.

"there always used to be a little puddle of water of about 3 cm in the window frames. Now there is nothing, not even during winter’’, says De Haas.
Doubts with applying Heatsavr

The first thing De Haas thought of was of course the quality of the pool water. What would Heatsavr do to the water quality and what would this mean for the monthly audits. Despite his doubts De Haas decided to take up the challenge and started using Heatsavr. The most convincing reason for this was that the product had been in use for over 18 years in America without complaints.

It was decided to add Heatsavr to one of the instruction pools and monitor the effects for a couple of months. It soon became clear that the parameters of the water remained unchanged, so the water quality was just fine. The surrounding air in the building seemed to be a lot better and the walls dryer. So as of April 2011 Heatsavr was applied to all the pools within the Sportfondsen complex.


De Haas started using Heatsavr to get a better grip on the humidity within the complex. With the aid of Heatsavr the pool managed to decrease ventilation during the night from 60% to 30%. This, of course, with maintaining a good level of humidity. The moisture problems from before no longer play any role in the complex. The humidity problems had priority one, but energy savings were of course also of importance. In 2011 the pool complex lowered its energy costs by €46.000,- compared with the previous year. De Haas says Heatsavr is the largest contributor by far in these savings. ‘’You just know you are using less energy when you have reduced ventilation’’

Recommendations for other pools

Do you have any recommendations for pools thinking about using Heatsavr? ‘’Just start using it, it works. It remains difficult to monitor exact savings, but it is clear that controlling the humidity within the building is much more manageable. Controlling a good humidity is a must for every pool, next to energy savings the savings in maintenance alone are worth it.’’
Leo de Haas Leo de Haas has been a swimming pool manager from 1994, first in Abcoude and as of 2005 at Sportfondsen Amsterdam Oost. His passion for swimming came at an early age, at fourteen he knew he wanted to work at a public pool facility. At twenty-one it was a done deal: he wanted to be the manager of a public pool. These days he works together with his colleagues to provide a unique swimming experience for all the complexes visitors.

Heatsavr Riding the Crest of a Wave - Literally!

Heatsavr, the energy saving liquid pool cover system has entered its second season of use at Siam Park's Water Kingdom in Tenerife, one of the largest water parks in the world with a massive 17,500 square metres of water surface...

Siam Park is open all year round but heating is required for five months of the year to maintain a minimum 24[degrees]C. During these periods Heatsavr forms a molecular layer on the surface of the water which slows down evaporation, the main form of heat loss, thus reducing the significant cost of heating.

Heatsaver maintains that a liquid pool cover represents an ideal energy saving solution for any pool but for many commercial pools it may be the only practical consideration. They say that one of the real benefits of Heatsavr over a conventional cover is that it is available 24 hours per day, working to a greater or lesser degree depending on water activity.

Operation is fully automatic with a daily dose administered into the filtration system by means of a programmable dosing pump. Furthermore Heatsavr alleviates the pratical or cleaning issues generally associated with conventional covers.

Heatsavr was developed over 20 years ago in Canada and has been well established in the UK and Europe for the past eight years.

Heatsavr liquid pool cover qualifies for automatic status

Burleigh Court

Burleigh Court in Loughborough has a GOLD award from Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS), in part because of their use of Heatsavr, the liquid solar pool cover.

In an effort to reduce their energy consumption, they had a Heatsavr system installed at their pool, which had the added benefit of relieving health and safety worries over traditional pool covers!
(photo from
Burleigh Springs Brochure)
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The University of Bristol, UK

1,560,000 kWh

  • 1 Unit at £4,750/unit installed.
  • Includes 1 years chemical supply.
  • Energy savings recorded over summertime on water heating only.
  • Based on trial period projected annual savings of 180,000 kWh (11%), representing £4000 (2010 prices) on water heating only.
  • Payback 1.2 years.
  • Saving 33 Tonnes CO2/year.
  • On-going chemical cost £2600/year.
  • Further savings on air conditioning expected from liquid pool cover after refurbishnment.

Download a copy of this report by clicking the file link below.
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Geelong Aquatic Centre, Australia

"In July 2001 we completed the building of the second 25-metre pool at our Geelong Complex, and we knew that we would need a pool cover as soon as possible for this pool...

We realized very quickly that we had a problem with condensation and dampness in the facility of the 25-metre pool, which soon became a major problem. Barwon pools who does all of our maintenance suggested that we at least consider Heat$avr as a short-term solution...

Within days of starting to use the product we noticed the effect it began to have. It completely solved the condensation problem and as a result, when the complex was opened at 6 am in the morning it was dry. We also noticed that there was minimal heat loss from the pool. We then began to use it on all three pools in the facility...

The cost of running the pool has been reduced by approximately 17-20%. The other 25-metre pool, which we are no longer putting the plastic cover on regularly, but instead using Heat$avr, has not seen any increases in operating costs."

Park Resorts, UK

"Follow trials over a 3 year period, Park Resorts, one of the UK's leading holiday groups, has recently rolled out the unique Heatsavr liquid pool cover system to all of its sites; a total of 45 swimming pools."

Continue reading this case study to understand how this group has not only significantly reduced their energy costs, but also their CO2 emissions! Just click the link below.
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Sandcastle Waterpark, UK

"Since introducing Heatsavr into their large 1200 m2 leisure pool, assistant manager Paul McEvoy reports that their annual gas use has been cut by a massive 857462 kWh which equates to a reduction of over £21,000 per annum. This energy saving also means that they have reduced their CO2 emission by over 158 Tonnes, a major contribution toward their Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) which comes into force for large energy users as from April 2010."
Read the full report by clicking the link below.
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