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Whether your customers are residential or commercial, if you keep them happy, they will continue to come back to your business time and time again. Satisfying their every need is often more complicated than simply giving them what they ask for with a smile. Sometimes your customers need to know what they don't know!

Liquid pool covers are a fantastic solution to many common frustrations of pool operation. For example, have any of your customers complained of the following:
  • The pool water takes too long to warm up
  • The cost to heat a swimming pool is much too expensive
  • The water consumption is too great, conservation is required
  • Plastic pool blankets give the results that are needed, but are too heavy, bulky and awkward to use consistently, and take up too much space
If you've heard these sentiments before, or the myriad like them, then you should be offering Heatsavr™ or Ecosavr™ as a solution.

Liquid solar covers have been proven!

A Product for Every Location

One of the greatest benefits to liquid pool covers is that they will cover any pool - regardless of shape, size or location.

Simply help your customer choose the application method that best suits their needs, and they will be coming back to you month after month to keep their supply of liquid pool cover stocked!

Residential Swimming Pools

Residential swimming pools have 3 basic options for covering their pool with a liquid solar pool cover:
  • Monthly: Ecosavr™
    • Ecosavr™ is a small plastic fish that is dropped into a backyard swimming pool once a month. It slowly releases the liquid product to ensure consistent coverage over a 25-30 day period.
  • Weekly: Manually dosing Heatsavr™
    • Pool owners can also add Heatsavr directly to their pool water at a rate of 4 ounces of product per 15,000 - 20,000 gallons of water each week. Flexible Solutions manufacturs Heatsavr™ in a bottle that has a built-in 1 ounce dispensing chamber for easy dosing
  • Daily: Automatic Injection
    • For the most reliable coverage possible, a daily dosage can be injected automatically using the HS115 metering system. This easy to install pump can be hooked up directly to a Quart or Gallon sized bottle and programmed to inject the correct dosage at the same time each day. 
For any of your commercial clients, installing the HS115 Automatic Metering System is strongly recommended. Heatsavr™ can be dosed manually into any swimming pool at a recommended rate of 1 ounce of product per 400 square feet each day, but to eliminate the possibility of human error (forgetting to add regularly!), the automatic injection is a hands-free solution to a pool cover.

The pump can be hooked up directly to a Quart or Gallon sized bottle, or a 5 Gallon pail, depending on the size of the swimming pool facility in question.

Where to Purchase

Most major Distributors in North America carry our brands of liquid pool covers, though it is important to ask for them by name. Heatsavr™ and Ecosavr™ ONLY liquid pool cover that offers you proof of safety and efficiency testing.

If your current provider is unable to help, feel welcome to contact Flexible Solutions directly, and we can help find a convenient way to fill your product needs.

Contact Flexible Solutions

If you would like more information about how you can start using Heatsavr at your facility, use the contact form below to send us a message. We'll gladly help you understand the benefits of liquid pool covers, as well as the application methods that will work best for your unique situation.