Therapy Centers

The water temperature at Therapy Pool centers tends to be warmer than average, generally kept around 90 degrees. Pair this with an indoor environment, and you are likely to find an unhappy combination of high energy costs, uncomfortable humidity levels and extreme water loss.

Luckily, Heatsavr, the liquid pool cover, is an easy to use solution to help with all those problems!

With a set and forget automatic system, there is no heavily lifting or awkward covers to deal with, but your facility will still benefit from the insulating qualities of using a pool blanket.

Heatsavr has been proven to reduce evaporation by 30 - 50%. This will translate into much lower energy costs, significantly reduced humidity levels, and great water conservation. Don't take our word for it though, read some of the experiences from real Therapy Pools that use Heatsavr to help fix their water woes!

Children's Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent

I am the Service Manager of Bluewater Pools Chatham Ontario for the past 35 yrs. I saw the Heatsavr at the Vegas Pool Show and was very interested so I conducted my own test on an indoor pool to see its effectiveness.

I was amazed the Heatsavr HS140 kit was easy to install very good instructions and great results in 2 days. That's right great results in 2 days, and in 4days and in 2 weeks later.

My test customer was Chatham's Prism Centre for physically challenged youth on their therapy pool which is 20ft. x 50ft. indoor and they have always had a bad humidity problem. As you can see by my pictures you can't see out the windows and the door would sweat puddles. With the Heatsavr auto-matic system the windows are clear and you can see outside also no puddles at the door.
This test was conducted (installed) Jan 14 2009, checked on Jan 16, and the first 1 lt. bottle was changed Jan 28.

The Director of the Prism Centre is more than satisfied, he feels confident that if we contain the moisture and stop evaporation's he will save on heat, chemicals and water. Plus the atmosphere for his clients is better and it will be better for the building. The Director plans to purchase the same unit HS140 for his own pool in his backyard.

~ Andy T
Bluewater Pools, Chatham ON

Cantrell Wellness Center

Heatsavr works.
That's the bottom line.
Temperature control is crucial for the pool at our Wellness Center and Physical Therapy facility. Our clientele simply cannot tolerate water that is not appropriately warm. We are open year round and our pool is in an outdoor pool house. It is no small feat to have the water heated to within the limits required. With Heatsavr in the water we have confidence that the water temperature will be right, even at 530 in the morning when we open. It is a cinch to use; our staff loves it because we no longer have to deal with an uncooperative manual pool cover! It was a happy day when we removed the heat blanket for the last time! We are very pleased with Heatsavr's performance.

Joan B. Falldine
Certified Pool Operator
Cantrell Wellness Center
405 Osigian Blvd
Warner Robbins, GA 31088

Coyote Partnership

December 15, 2008

I wanted to take a minute to tell you about how Heat Saver makes my life easier. The pool we have is 36,000 gallons and is indoors. Because it is used as a therapy pool for water exercises for disabled people, the temperature is kept at 90° F. The pool is heated with an electric heat pump. The winter
temperature differential between the water and the outdoors caused terrible humidity problems. In spite of having several different types of dehumidification systems that we tried from several contractors, nothing worked. The walls and ceiling “rained” all winter. Mold and water damage were constant
headaches. The cost of heating the pool was also quite high since the pool room is about 50% glass doors.

About ten years ago, I discovered Heat Saver. What a great product! Not only did it save a lot of heat in the pool, it also reduced the humidity substantially! Because of the large reduction in evaporation, the dehumidifier can easily keep humidity under 50%. No more mold, no more water damage, no more indoor “rain”….also, my pool heating bills are substantially lower and my water bill is less as well. All in all, Heat Saver has been a “life saver” for me.

This is one product that I definitely recommend to anyone who has a pool – indoors or out. It’s performance is superior to the pool cover we had and much easier! Taking the cover off was always so difficult. Heat Saver is so easy! For some years I put it in manually but the last three years I have used the automatic pump. That is another great product I recommend. We even have a large pond on the property with a waterfall – we use Water Saver in that – it makes a big difference in water loss in our climate.

Thank you for your great products.

Carolyn I. Butler
Coyote Partnership
Yuma, AZ