Heatsavr™ FAQs

What is Heatsavr™?

Heatsavr™ is a transparent liquid that spreads itself out over the surface of a body of water. When it is added to your pool, it creates a liquid barrier between the water and the air, which helps to reduce the rate of evaporation.

Since the average pool loses approximately 70% of its heat to evaporation, Heatsavr™ helps maintain the water temperature in any pool, saving heat, water and money to keep a pool's heater running.

Should I use Heatsavr™ If...

my pool is heated?

You should absolutely use Heatsavr™ if your pool is heated. Heatsavr™ will help keep the heat generated by your heater in your pool, so that you don't have so spend as much money keeping your water up to temperature.

In 3rd party trial results, the average energy savings on heated pools using Heatsavr™, the liquid solar pool cover, have been between 10% - 35%.

my pool is indoors?

Indoor pools will see a variety of benefits from using a liquid pool cover like Heatsavr™. Not only will Heatsavr™ help reduce the costs of energy used to keep the pool heated to your desired temperature, but it will also help control the humidity levels in your pool room.

Every pool experiences evaporation, whether indoors or outside. That evaporation causes your pool to lose heat and water, and it results in higher humidity levels, because of the water vaporizing into the surrounding air.

If you use Heatsavr™ to lower that rate of evaporation, you will be reducing heat loss and humidity levels at the same time!

I have a commercial pool?

Commercial aquatics centers have been using liquid pool covers manufactured by Flexible Solutions since the early 1990s. They continue to use Heatsavr™ because of the great savings they see on their heat loss, energy bills and water consumption.

If you have a commercial swimming pool, Heatsavr™ can help you cut your operating costs significantly. Would you like to read some real customer experiences? Visit Commercial Facilities Success Stories!

Can I use Heatsavr™ on my Spa / Hot Tub?

You can use Heatsavr™ on a Spa or Hot Tub, but we recommend increasing the dosage rate slightly to compensate for the much higher temperatures. The recommended daily dosage rate is 1 ounce per 50 square feet for use on a Spa or Hot Tub.

Also, if you have a specially fitted Spa cover for your spa, we recommend using it whenever possible. However, if your Spa is open for large periods of time, Heatsavr™ will be able to significantly reduce the heat loss, which will lower the energy required to run your heater.

Will Heatsavr™ affect my pool's chemistry or equipment?

Heatsavr™ is pH neutral, so it will not affect the chemistry within your pool. Furthermore, it only rests on the very surface of the water, so it doesn't even interact with any of your chemicals.
Additionally, Heatsavr™ will not affect any of your pool equipment.

The molecular size of the liquid pool cover is so small it was flow right through even the best filter media on the market, and simply work its way through the circulation system until it returns to the main body of water.
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How much Heatsavr™ do I need to use?

The recommended daily dosage rate for Heatsavr™ is 1 ounce for every 400 square feet of surface area, which is approximately 15,000 gallons of water.

Heatsavr™ does need to be added daily because it is a biodegradable product. Keeping a regular application will ensure you always have the right amount of coverage protecting your pool.

You can add the liquid pool cover manually each evening, simply by pouring the correct dose directly into your swimming pool, or you can install an HS115 automatic metering system to add the product for you - a "set-and-forget" solution!

How much can I save...

on my heating costs?

Heatsavr™ has been proven to reduce the energy required to heat a pool by 10-40%, depending on variables such as location, usage, size and maintenance.

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on my water usage?

Third party studies have shown that using Heatsavr™, the liquid solar pool cover, can conserve up to 50% of the water normally lost to evaporaiton.

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on my heat loss?

Studies have shown that Heatsavr™ will cut back overnight heat loss by approximately half. That means, if you are losing 10 degrees of heat in your pool each night you AREN'T using a pool cover, when you start to use Heatsavr™ you should only lose about 5 degrees.
Each morning you should see a warmer starting temperature, which will allow you to gain precious degress in the afternoon sun. This will result in a gradual heat gain as you continue to use a liquid cover.

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