Problem: Aquatics Centers Operating Costs
by Monique Nelson on April 19th, 2012

Aquatics centers have big bills to pay. Energy costs, water costs, maintenance costs, staff payroll, etc. Sometimes, the bills stack up higher than desired.

How can you reduce your operating expenses without interfering with the day-to-day programming of your facility? Here are some ideas:

Energy Costs: Keeping a pool heated is one of the most expensive costs of running an aquatics facility. Indoor pools get the added bonus of keeping their heated pool environment dehumidified - which increases their energy consumption significantly.

Using a liquid pool cover like Heatsavr has the potential to reduce your pool's heating costs by up to 35%, and with the lower rate of evaporation, your dehumidifier should also receive a cost-cutting break.

Water costs: the cost of water is going up across the continent. Even if you happen to be living in an area that is not currently suffering from drought conditions, measures are being taken to keep it that way. You can reduce the amount of water you have to "buy" by keeping it in your pool, instead of letting it evaporate away. Yes, even indoor pools have to contend with evaporative loss!

When you apply Heatsavr to your water, it will spread out over your pool and create a barrier that helps to reduce the rate of evaporation. It has been tested and proven to cut the amount of water lost to evaporation by 30 - 50% - lowering your water bills and giving you a nice "conservationist" reputation at the same time.

Maintenance CostsIndoor pools have to protect their pool environment form the affects of humidity. You already know that using a liquid pool cover can help with that problem.

Many pool facilities also have to keep up with the maintenance involved with using a traditional pool blanket. If you switch to a liquid pool cover, you will never again have to replace a deteriorating plastic blanket, or maintain the reels that go along with it.

Staff Payroll: Your staff are hired for a purpose, and you don't want to waste their time on tasks that are unnecessary. With a liquid pool cover, there is no time wasted morning and evening for application, because the dosage is automatic with a metering system plumbed into the main return line of the pool. When you use Heatsavr, the only staff time that will be required is to change the bottle of liquid cover when it empties - perhaps a minute or two each month?
Reduce your operating costs across the board by using a liquid solar pool cover like Heatsavr. It is easy. It is effective.

And it has just been voted one of the Top 50 Products of 2012!

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