5 Reasons to Use a Liquid Solar Pool Cover...
by Monique Nelson on September 8th, 2009

All pool owners should be covering their pool with a cover, and I am here to suggest that cover should be a liquid cover. Here are 5 reasons why:
  1. Liquid Pool Covers do not require you to pull off a wet and dirty, heavy plastic pool blanket every time you want to use your pool, and they also do not require you to put that same heavy plastic pool blanket back on your pool once you are done.
  2. Liquid Pool Covers automatically cover your pool, without any work from you AND they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even while the pool is in use.
  3. Liquid Pool Covers have been known to save up to 40% of energy costs on a pool or, in unheated pools, prevent 50% of overnight heat loss.
  4. Liquid Pool Covers are inexpensive, especially when compared to custom fitting a plastic pool blanket.
  5.  Liquid Pool Covers are biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Obviously, if you are a pool owner,you are now kicking yourself for not using a liquid pool cover sooner. So get busy and get one!

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