...and 3 Easy Ways to Do So! (use a liquid solar pool cover, that is)
by Monique Nelson on September 10th, 2009

Before you begin to read this, you are going to want to make sure you have read and understand my last post, 5 Reasons to Use a Liquid Pool Cover. When your done, you can move on to...

3 easy ways to get started:

Snip the fin and toss it in. Ecosavr is a small red fish that you can purchase at most pool supply stores. It is filled with the liquid solar pool cover and slowly releases it into your pool over about a months time. So, you just purchase it, toss it in your pool, and relax. For a month. With your pool covered the whole time.

Try out Heatsavr in 1L bottles for manual dosing with a quick pour spout. This is almost as simple as it can get, but all you have to do is pour the correct dosage into your pool one day per week and sleep easy knowing your pool is NOT losing heat like a cup of hot coffee in your refrigerator. If you want, you can install a pump to do all the work for you.

Better yet, have your pool guy install the pump to do all the work for you. The easiest solution, you will have to change a jug of Heatsavr, oh...once a season-ish.

Were you really considering getting a plastic pool cover? I hope you change your mind quickly.
You are going to want to ask for Heatsavr and / or Ecosavr by name, from Flexible Solutions, as these are the ONLY tested and proven liquid pool covers on the market. They have been imitated often, but never duplicated.

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