Can I use your Liquid Solar Pool Cover If...?
by Monique Nelson on September 24th, 2009

I got an email today asking so many questions that I thought it would be a great idea for a blog post, as it will probably answer most, if not all, of your questions about Ecosavr / Heatsavr too!

This particular pool owner lives in New York, which means that, sadly, they need to carefully retain the heat in their pool as it does not get and stay warm all summer long.

They happen to have an above ground 15' pool and no heater.

PERFECT opportunity for a liquid pool cover!

However...they have also bought a plastic pool cover. Can they both be used?

Absolutely! Liquid Pool Covers, as fantastic as they are, are only about 75% as effective as a plastic pool blanket when they are covering the pool.

This last caveat is important due to one big difference: Plastic pool covers are often only on the pool overnight. Liquid pool covers are on the pool 24/7. This means that overnight heat loss is decreased by both plastic and liquid blankets, but morning / afternoon / evening heat loss are typically only decreased by a liquid pool cover. This small difference could mean the difference of 1 degree...or it may mean the difference of 5 degrees.

But can they both be used, is the question? Yes, they certainly can. Many people do use both in conjunction with each other, although the majority of liquid pool cover users quickly decide that using Ecosavr or Heatsavr alone is a better option than hauling a plastic pool cover on each night and off each morning. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Ecosavr / Heatsavr will not affect your pool cover, and you will get the added benefit of retaining heat throughout the day.

Second question: “Your safety warning says not to get in eyes or drink. My 6 year old son will easily get the pool water in his eyes and, will upon occasion, drink the water.”

Answer: The safety warning is only in its concentrated form. Even if your pool is smaller than the recommended 400 sq. ft., the product will be diluted well, well, past the point where even mild irritation will occur.

Actually, the reason for that safety label is because of the Isopropyl Alcohol content, which actually evaporates off your pool's water within about 15 minutes. Isopropyl Alcohol is essentially rubbing alcohol, which you probably have in your bathroom right now anyways. You don't want your children drinking it straight out of the bottle (or in this case, the Ecosavr) but when used as recommended, it certainly has its benefits! The active ingredient that remains on your pool's surface is completely and totally harmless.

The final question is simply whether our product can or cannot be used with a salt water generator and the simple answer is yes. There will be no effect on either your salt generator or our product.

I hope this helped, and that you enjoyed it!

Happy Swimming!

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