What if I own a spa?
by Monique Nelson on October 20th, 2009

A question that comes through to me on a fairly regular basis is whether or not Heatsavr can be used in spas and hot tubs. The answer is yes, but...

Yes, Heatsavr can be used in spas and hot tubs BUT we do recommend an increased dosage due to the higher temperatures and water turbulence. For swimming pools, the dosage rate for Heatsavr is 1 ounce per 400 square feet each day. For a spa, I would increase that dose to 1 ounce each day for every 50 square feet.

Yes, Heatsavr can be used in spas and hot tubs BUT it cannot compete against the hard-top covers that are almost a foot thick and specially designed for spas. If you have a backyard hot tub that you open for half an hour each night to soak and relax and then you cover it back up with the hard-top that was sold to you with the spa, then I would strongly recommend continuing with this routine. However, if you operate an aquatics facility that happens to have a spa that is open 10-12 hours a day or is never covered at all, then YES Heatsavr can do wonders for you.

Heatsavr is a fantastic product that will save you in hard labor and stressful energy bills, but it must be used in the proper circumstances. It will not create miracles.

So, to sum up, Heatsavr most certainly can be used in spas and hot tubs that are not or cannot use the specially manufactured hard-top covers designed for spas, though and increased dosage of the product is essential to receive optimal results.

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