Fitness Center Lowered Fuel Cost by 34%
by Monique Nelson on June 4th, 2010

Onslow Fitness Center in Jacksonville NC was able to lower their fuel cost for heating their swimming pool by 34% in a single year. In addition to this, they also eliminated a frustrating humidity problem and decreased their chemical usage by a reported 80%.

Beth Saroka, CEO, thanks a single product: Heatsavr.

Onslow Fitness installed their indoor, 20' x 40' pool almost 30 years ago, and they have been struggling with the humidity ever since. Saroka was introduced to Heatsavr, a liquid solar pool cover, and decided to try it out.

“We were reluctant at first and only "manually" added it to the pool daily,” she says. Despite her initial skepticism, however, she was amazed with the results she saw almost immediately.

“Not only did we totally eliminate our humidity problem but we also went from using 10 sticks of chlorine per week to maintain our desired chemical level to using 2 sticks per week. Our pool is heated by gas and our gas bill went down 34% the first year we used Heatsavr. This savings was based on total dollars, not gallons, so the real savings was greater than that because the cost of gas went up.”

Flexible Solutions, the manufacturer of Heatsavr, is always excited to hear such incredible results, but admit that every facility will be different and these savings cannot be guaranteed. According to Monique Nelson, Sales and Marketing Manager, testing over the past 20 years has proven average savings of 15-35% in energy costs. Typically, heat loss in unheated pools is reduced overnight by 50%, and water loss is also cut in half by using a liquid solar pool cover.

Beth Saroka is happy to recommend Heatsavr, and welcomes questions about the product. For more information from the manufacturer, you can call Toll Free (800) 661-3560.

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