Filter Clogging Risk? Not a chance!
by Monique Nelson on October 18th, 2010

I got an email this morning asking if our Heatsavr liquid pool cover will pose any threats to filters.

I thought that was a great opener for a nice blog post to help the world understand the risk-free benefits for pool blankets of the liquid variety.

First of all, let me yell out a resounding “NO”; Heatsavr will not create any filter issues whatsoever.

The reasoning behind it is quite simple.

There are many different types of filter media out there, but even the best filters on the market have a limit to what they will collect. For most filters, any particles larger than about 3-5 microns will be caught and filtered out of the pool water. A really good filter will get down to 2 microns.

Heatsavr is only 0.08 microns in size. So the microscopic particles are just going to flow right through your filter, not clogging or adhering to anything at all.

(I found a really great video detailing exactly how filters work; if you would like to see it, it can be found on my YouTube Channel, under Playlists – Pool Products, or by clicking here: LiquidPoolCovers on YouTube)

This is actually quite important because if it clogs your filter 2 things are going to happen:

1)you are going to be rather unhappy and likely won't use our product any more. We don't want that, of course, so we are SURE it won't happen. You will remain happy.
2)The Heatsavr will get stuck in your filter instead of being on the surface of your pool water where it belongs. This is just another reason to upset you (because the product logically wouldn't be working properly for you) and therefore another very important reason for us to ensure that it WILL NOT HAPPEN.

So, in summary, your filters will not be clogged, Heatsavr will save the day, and we will always do our very best to keep you happy.

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