Have You Heard the One About the Green Spillover?
by Monique Nelson on October 19th, 2010

Have you heard the one about the “Green” Spillover?

I was reading an article about the spillover affect of “Green” marketing. Apparantly, according to a study or two, if there is a product marketed as “green” on a shelf, it will actually impact the sales of other products surrounding it on the shelf. Sometimes positively (products from the same company benefit from the green-edge of a sister product); sometimes negatively (competing brands often look green with envy).

But, I digress.

Really, the study simply reminded me of a client we have with a spill over pool. Completely different topic, but it got my brain working.

He is very concerned with conserving energy and water and doing his part for the environment (seeing the connection now?).

He shared with us how he was able to accomplish a reduction of 20.5% in volume of gas by implementing some very simple changes:

1)he limits the operation of the spillover effect to twice a day (strategically programmed) or with manual activation
2)during the evening he turns of his pumps
3)he uses Heatsavr, liquid pool cover, to lower heat loss through evaporation

These three small adjustments meant he could maintain the aesthetics of his pool the way he enjoyed them, and the pool temperature in the cool winter months, without breaking the bank.

In his own words,

“The whole reason I did the exercise was to determine if the purchase of more product [Heatsavr] was economically justifiable. It evidently is, both in money saved and from a “green” point of view.”

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