Taking a Lesson in Conservation from Dorm Residents
by Monique Nelson on November 24th, 2010

I read a fantastic (and short) article the other day. It was about water conservation.

This is a hot topic, right? Save the water! Conserve our planet! People are talking about it everywhere. Do you know anyone really doing it though?

Well, apparently University students are. I highly recommend reading this article:

THIS is how you get people to use less water

Basically, UCSD provided students residing in their dorms with their water usage statistics. Knowing that campus is a veritable hot ground for competition, this was the only spark needed to get the campus residents started on a mass conservation project.

With no other incentive but to beat out their competition, the “top 3” buildings were able to decrease their water consumption by up to 40%.

Wow. That is a LOT of water.

Now let's return tot he question: Do you know anyone living up to their exclamations of saving water? We are in the Pool Industry here, and swimming pools are notorious for their water consumption and waste.

Will you simply shrug it off, or are you ready to DO SOMETHING?

What if it was something really easy? Would you consider it?

There is a really great page on a really great website that is all about saving water in swimming pools. Up to 50% of water. In a really easy way. If you are willing to at the very least take a few more minutes to read some success stories, please check this out:

Reduce Water Loss in Swimming PoolsI

If you like what you see, send me an email and I will tell you more. Better yet, call me up and quiz me. Ask me all the hard questions you can think of. Put me on the spot. What have you got to lose?

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