Make Sure Your Community Always Has Their Pool
by Monique Nelson on December 7th, 2010

As you may have noticed, I tend to write my email newsletter based on current events that I read about that affect or relate to the swimming pool industry.

As I was searching for my daily dose of industry news today, I continuously ran across articles that spoke about the incredibly high value communities place on municipal pools and how expensive those pools are to keep open.

I read one feature about a community meeting that asked families in a specific neighborhood what they liked best about their area. The resounding answer was the community pool. When asked what they would most like to see happen in order to improve the neighborhood, they asked for a new or updated pool.

Another article talked about the basically non-existent funding available for municipal pools, and how a private company took on the responsibility to raising enough money to build a new aquatic center near a high school for the benefit of the community. One main reason the city was not chomping at the bait to commit to this projects was that there already is an aging swimming pool at the site of the build, and unfortunately, it costs more to operate than it brings in.

In both cases, funding required is daunting, but the value is seen as so high that the swimming pools have become a community "must have."

When your aquatics center is faced with high operating costs, there may be the distant idea of closing down the facility. It is so important to remember how valuable your center is to the community, and lowering your costs is a much better solution.

By installing a Heatsavr system at your facility, you can see huge reductions in your monthly heating bills. Some of our customers cut up to 40% of their costs.

This is in addition to the water savings that, in some areas, can make or break a facility. Indoor pools will be able to get their humidity under control.

The best part is that Heatsavr is simple to use, and immediately effective. It is also very cost efficient with most Commercial Facilities experiences a ROI of 3:1 at minimum.

Even if you are not experiencing a budget crunch, you should still be doing everything you can cut costs and increase profits. Email me, [email protected], for more information. Make sure you community always has their pool, in the best condition possible.

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