Are You Proud of Your Pool?
by Monique Nelson on March 1st, 2011

Whether you are the owner or the operator of your Aquatics Center, you are the representative of your pool. Are you proud of it?

When you go to a block barbecue, or attend any other sort of mixer, do you talk about your facility?

I have been using Facebook for connecting with customers and business partners a lot lately, and one thing I have noticed is that all the companies who have brought their facilities online to various social networks are PROUD of their centers. They are excited to tell their target market about schedules they run, the advancements they are making and the fun everyone has enjoying their pool. It makes me smile...and it makes me want to head over to my community pool!

I am talking about more than simply enjoying your work, and telling friends or family about your job when they ask what you've been up to. I am thinking about word of mouth promotion. It doesn't have to come from clients, it can start with you.

What is there about your facility that you know it better than any others out there? Do you have fantastic swim instructors? Do you have really fun family swim schedules or do you throw a mean pool party? Have you embraced environmentalism, so that you are saving your community's resources like energy and water?

Whatever it is that you are doing right, start talking about it. If you are proud of your center, people will start taking notice. They will repeat your stories and spread your excitement.

If you need somewhere to start, I can help your center reduce energy consumption by up to 40%
AND save half of the water you are losing to evaporation. That is a story you can take to your local newspaper to brag about. That is the kind of story you can be proud of sharing. That is the kind of story that wins awards.

Ask me how I can help: [email protected]

You can also download my Commercial Facilities Guide, which will explain to you just exactly how you can start saving the environment...and it will also fill you in on how you can start saving money, time and elbow-grease.

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