Is Your Aquatics Facility Ready for the Future?
by Monique Nelson on March 8th, 2011

All through my life I have heard people tell me "You learn something new everyday." I disagree. In my life, I learn a whole lot of new things each and every day. More often than not, the things I learn are things that make me think, "well, obviously, that makes sense." But maybe I would have never got there by myself; I needed someone to tell, or show or teach me.

Today I was reading an article in the Aquatics Guide of the February issue of Recreation Management magazine. The entire supplement is good as gold for anyone who is affiliated with the pool industry, but there was one article in particular that I read through twice, because of its greatness.

"Water Rescue - Programming Aquatics to be Self-Sustaining" by Rick Dandes. You can find a copy online: => <=

There were so many ideas that prompted an "Aha!" moment from me. For example, the first section talks about demographics and revenue; you need both to make the great in the swimming pool gig. There are some pools that are geared towards competition, and some that are geared towards fun and entertainment. Both have their demographics, but if you can offer the best of both worlds, there is a good chance that your target demographics will increase in direct proportion to your revenue. AHA! Well now, doesn't that just make sense?

Programming is another area that can encourage diversification within an aquatics center - if you offer something for everyone, it stands to reason that more people will be attracted to your facility. AHA! The article suggests swim classes, adult fitness, therapy programs, and sports and recreation, to start out. Those categories are somewhat vague, but most community members will find something to pique their interests if you were to offer programs for each of those needs.

Another section in the same article talks about operating costs. Here is an "Aha" moment that most of us try to avoid. If you cut costs, you have more room for profit. Cutting costs is not usually an enjoyable pass-time, but there are some great ideas in the piece. Opting for toys instead of built-in playgrounds, for example. Being strategic in your maintenance and investing in your facility is a great way to keep future costs under control. Hiring only the staff you need, so that you don't have to worry about future lay offs.

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