Home Talk USA Interviews Monique Nelson
by Monique Nelson on March 21st, 2011

On Saturday, March 26th, 2011 Monique Nelson will be interviewed by Michael King, the Cajun Contractor, on Home Talk USA. The interview is set to air at 9:30 AM CST, and you can listen in (online) but tuning into: http://www.hometalkusa.com

The show is hosted by the "Guru of Home Improvements" Michael King. Michael King has been in the home improvement business for many years and is considered by his peers to be the foremost authority on all phases of general construction. Michael's entertainment background, mixed with his funny, keened personality allows the listening audience to understand basic construction knowledge. "If you got the question, he'll get you the answer."

Monique will be talking about water and energy conservation in swimming pools, particularly focusing on the benefits of using liqiud solar pool covers. Monique Nelson is the Sales & Marketing Manager for Flexible Solutions, an environmental technology company involved in research, development and manufacturing of products that save water and energy.

The following questions will be addressed, time permitting:

  • Why do swimming pools use so much energy?
  • How much water will an average pool lose, and where does it go?
  • How can a pool owner reduce their energy consumption?
  • Can pool owners conserve water in their pools?
  • What, exactly, is a liquid pool cover?
  • Are they safe to use?
  • Do they affect any other pool equipment or chemicals?
  • Will they work on all swimming pools?
  • How to liquid covers compare to plastic pool blankets?
  • How can interested pool owners get in touch with Flexible Solutions, the original manufacturer of liquid pool covers?

It is going to be GREAT, so don't miss it. Make sure you tune in on Saturday, March 26th at 9:30 AM Central Standard Time. http://www.hometalkusa.com

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