Pool Opening Season Can Be Intimidating - But Not as Scary as the High Dive?
by Monique Nelson on May 3rd, 2011

Whether you operate a pool that is opening its doors for the season at the end of the month, or you have an annual swimming season, the month of May is a turning point in the year. Swimming fever begins, and you will experience new, refreshing traffic.

The prospect of a flood of traffic can be intimidating, though very welcome. If you have been working yourself into a frazzle, maybe it is time you take a moment to consider some perspective:

Is hiring new staff, training lifeguards and new operators, creating schedules, balancing a budget, organizing a pool schedule, developing a marketing plan and juggling a thousand other daily tasks really as difficult as you are making it seem? I mean, it's no jump off the high dive!

Enjoy a few minutes of refreshing Mr. Bean humor and you will have a whole new perspective on the woes of your day.
Now that you are smiling and jovial, you will be better equipped to take on the day's challenges. There has never been a better time to welcome new staff and create exciting new training programs and schedules. Social media offers easy and free ways to market your facility, and your budget it going to look especially favorable after you install the energy saving Heatsavr liquid pool cover system you have been thinking about. What is there left to worry about? Life is good, enjoy it!

I am sure you know a few others who can benefit from a quick laughter session, so please share this post with your friends, family members and collegues to brighten their days as well.

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